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Apr 11, 2002 02:57 PM

Fixed Price Dinners

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There was a previous thread on restaurants with fixed price meals. I just got this email from Open Table which lists a number of restaurants that are offering same for the month of April

"Uncle Sam may not give you a break during tax time, but Bay Area restaurants will! Here are just a few great restaurants offering prix fixe menus under $40 in April."

Prices range from $19.95 to $46. Note the all-you-can-drink dinner at Indigo. Anyone been there?

The link below gives more specifics and prices....


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  1. Two places in the same neighborhood that offer a prix fixe for under $15!
    Baker Street Bistro (Baker/Greenwich)
    Bistro Aix (Fillmore/Lombard - before 7pm)

    Both are well priced even if you don't do the Prix Fixe.
    I seem to go to Bistro Aix more often,and had only one bad experience in the 20 times or so I have been there.
    Menu changes often, and the food is consistent.