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Feb 12, 2002 01:49 AM

Place to Brunch ???

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Does anybody know a nice and convivial place to have Brunch (not to expensive)? I am especially interested in a a brunch "all you can eat" but I am open for any proposal. My favourite place is the Upper West Side. Maybe you know an address in this area?
Thanks in advance,


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  1. There are a number of good brunch spots on the upper west side, but one of my favs is Good Enough to Eat which is on Amsterdam just north of 84th, on the east side of the street. It's a good old fashioned homey kind of place (should fit your convivial criterion) and they serve wonderful french toast, pancakes (try the walnut banana) and the best waffles (they manage to retain some crispness even with syrup). There are some good eggs choices too. The only thing is to get there before ten if you want to avoid a wait (usually outside in the cold!).

    Sorry, I don't know about the all-you-can eat brunch. I will eagerly await the suggestions of others on that one!

    Another good place is Sarabeth's, but they are a little more expensive.

    Good luck!

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      Turkuaz, 100th and b'way, for all you can eat