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Apr 10, 2002 06:32 PM

Grass Fed Beef

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This is not an attempt to turn anyone into a vegetarian. It's meant instead to give people who care about food an opportunity to learn some interesting stuff about what they eat. The cover story from the Sunday, March 31 New York Times Magazine is called "Power Steer" and gives an in-depth look at the effects of raising cattle on a diet of corn rather than grass. The article is available for purchase (search the archives using "Power Steer") and is worth reading if you're concerned about how your food is raised and the effects on the health of the animals, the consumers and the planet. Alternatively, you can check out the web-site to learn about the benefits of eating animals raised under more natural conditions. The site provides news, links, suppliers, etc. Without wanting to sound preachy, it's worth looking into, especially for we urbanites who aren't always aware of how most commercially "farmed" animals are raised. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone. I just thought the article was really interesting and wanted to pass it along.

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  1. Interesting article.

    There was a lengthy discussion of it on the general topics board last week, and it was summarized in last week's Chownews (highlights from the general topics board are just one more reason to subscribe to Chownews!)


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      Randy Salenfriend

      You mean they just eat it plain? They don't even bake it into brownies or anything first?

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        Thanks. I do subscribe to ChowNews, but hadn't gotten through all of it. I went back and read the thread. Appreciate you pointing it out. Oh to have all day to do nothing but eat, read about, look at, cook food.

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          Since I found chowhound the percentage of time I spend reading and thinking about food when I'm supposed to be doing other things ... like working ... has increased substantially.