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Feb 7, 2002 04:25 PM

Peter Luger's

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I was unable to get a decent dining time at the original Peter Luger's restaurant in Brooklyn for an upcoming Saturday night. However, the Long Island location had prime time dining available (7:30 p.m.).

Please share your opinions of both locations related to food quality, service, environment, etc. We are traveling from out-of-state, staying in Manhattan, and realize we'll be incurring some substantial cab fare for the experience. I have read quite extensively that Luger's is an experience not to be missed. This dinner is a surprise for my beef-loving hubby.

One observation: in pursuing these dining reservations, the Long Island reservationist was courteous and accomodating while the reservationist at the Brooklyn location responded as if looking for a time slot was an imposition. Not that this is indicative of the experience, however it did make an impression.

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  1. If at all possible, I would try to find a time at the Brooklyn location. The meat will be more or less the same (although some with palates more discriminating than mine have claimed that the LI branch is inferior), but for the overall experience the tradition of the Brooklyn establishment is essential. You might consider having lunch there, perhaps the day after your stay in the city. The Brooklyn location is actually quite close to the city proper, and I would think it would be a drag to visit NY only to shuttle out to Long Island for your primary meal. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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    1. re: Nick

      Brooklyn hands down. No comparison in terms of luger "experience"

      Enjoy the meal and get a piece of the heavenly bacon.

      Lisa P

      1. re: Lisa P

        Sorry, didn't like it. Went to the Brooklyn one, not LI, with a group (over 15) and expected the service to not be there, and it wasn't, but the steaks weren't either. The steaks just did not justify the tab. Go to Pietro's on 43rd for steak and "old world" atmosphere, the foods better.

        1. re: Jerry

          According to my detractors, you should be happy that you at least had an "authentic" eating experience. Although other chowhounds may disagree, the ambiance and service of a dining experience has to be given at least some consideration. This is especially true in a Place with two branches that serves the same steaks, i.e. Peter Lugar.

          1. re: Edward Aretz

            With that many people and Peter Luger's rep I figured service wouldn't be there. But I draw the line at the food, if that's not up to par then what am I doing there? spent $85 that day (per person) went with the same amount of peple to Pietro's we where there longer (more drinks) and ended up with a $65 per person tab. Had fun at both places, but that was because of the people who went not the place. Although Pietro's made it easier to have a good time.

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      Erica Marcus

      While the atmosphere at the Brooklyn Luger's is more authentic, the Long Island outpost isn't vastly different. And I do believe the steaks are comparable. If you do decide to make the longer trip, for goodness sakes don't take a cab. Take the LIRR from Penn Station to Great Neck and get a cab from there.

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      1. re: Erica Marcus
        Edward Aretz

        I hate going to the Brooklyn Peter Lugar. I like the one in Great Neck. Does this mean that I don't like restaurants that have more professional wait staffs and maitre D's? Does this mean that I enjoy linen table cloths better than carved wood tables? Does this mean that I like some decors better than rather dirty Bavarian Beer Hall circa 1920?

        You bet. But that mean that the things that I prefer are plastic, i.e. "authentic?" I sure hope that I am not shallow.

        1. re: Edward Aretz


          Your complete changing of the subject line confused me.

          I didn't realize it was an expansion on the Peter Lugar thread. Please note I tried to tie the subject line of this message back to the discussion you are responding to so that others who may be interested can see it.

          1. re: Edward Aretz

            You need to relax. I have been to both locations several times and the "authenticity" factor is understandable. You may like the niceties of the Great Neck version, but your own posting reveals why Brooklyn in considered more authentic. Simply, it's the real deal. No niceties like the other steakhouses. You go there for the best steak in New York and not only expect, but smile at the no frills service. The waiters aren't rude and always get the job done. They just may not be nice like the other steakhouses. If you want all the things you bring up; tablecloths, etc, you go to Great Neck or the other steakhouses like Sparks. Great Neck tries to give you a little nicer experience, including additional options other than steak that are not available in Brooklyn. However, for those "authentic" Brooklyn fans, you like the fact that it doesn't cater to people who want a lot of options other than steak. If you don't want steak, don't go to Lugars.

            Further, it has been my experience that every person I know who was disappointed by the steak at Lugars went to the Great Neck branch. Not that my experiences there taste different that Brooklyn, but the only letdowns seem to come from Great Neck. Though I live much closer to great neck and it is much easier to get a reservation there, I always prefer to go to Brooklyn and the "authenticity" factor is a big part of it.

            1. re: Scott K

              Second that call to relax..everyone I know (including myself) that has been disappointed by a Lugers experience has gone to great neck.

              Lisa P

            2. re: Edward Aretz

              Instead of using the word "authentic" about substituting the phrase "original experience?" Steak places like Peter Luger's in Brooklyn and the Palm did not provide many of the niceties that we now associate with fine dining...including a printed menu..none provided. I don't know what the NY Palm does now but the branch offices do give out menus now..But that was part of the "charm" of the originals.

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            Tatyana Gourov

            I've been to both locations several times and find the service is wonderful at LI Peter Luger's (whereas at the Brooklyn one it's quite grumpy). The steaks tasted very much the same to me at both places. So, I would definitely suggest LI over Brooklyn.

            1. I ate at the Brooklyn location last week for the first time (in town on business) and really enjoyed it. OK, so the guy taking names was a little rude, the bartender was surly, and the lighting aged me by about 10 years, but I really enjoyed it and would definitely return. The food was great (do you want steak for one, steak for two, steak for three..)and the waiter was terrific, having fun with us, etc. We took a cab over there from Manhattan, which was easy enough, but there are NO cabs waiting to give you a ride back. You have to ask the guy inside to call you a car, which magically appears in about 4 seconds, and you pay $25 for a nice ride back (to midtown for us). I loved it.