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Apr 10, 2002 05:23 PM

crabmeat and prawns a la Monza/Tadich Grill [moved from San Francisco]

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I have been eating at Tadich's since 1946 and crabmeat and prawns a la Monza is my favorite dish (I liked it even better before they started adding rice to it.)

Alas, I live in Tucson now and seldom get up that way. I would love to know how to make the sauce used in this dish. I believe it has a lot of paprika in it. Does anyone know the recipe?

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  1. That's what I had the last time I ate at Tadich. The paprika in the sauce made it more red wine friendly than many of the offerings there. But, sorry, I don't have a recipe for you.


    1. I had it today at Tadich and was told to call tomorrow a.m. at 8:00 (PST) and ask for the chef. They said he would be glad to give it to me. Good luck.

      1. try this link. the recipe is in a Tadich Grill history book. with recipies. The link is to Google books.

        Tadich Grill
        240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111