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Apr 10, 2002 05:03 PM

Brazilian Food at Mr. Pizza Man, Berkeley

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After a few months of wanting to go to Mr. Pizza Man on University for their Brazilian food, I finally went there last night and got take-out. The menu is spare, with only 4 entrees, I believe, including one dish of shrimp, one of chicken, one of fish and one of meat (feijoada), in addition to a few appetizers and guarana. I got the chicken and the shrimp, which each came with good rice, somewhat bitter but tasty greens, and a sort of weird fried yucca meal thingy. The food was very slow in coming, but the guy was apologetic, and gave me a Coke to drink while I waited. The decor and atmosphere kinda suck, with Nickelodeon and Brazilian soap operas on the TV, too. I ate the chicken and Cyrus ate the shrimp. I only tried one shrimp, but it seemed pretty good to me, although it could have been crisper and more flavorful. The chicken was very good. It was cooked with okra and other vegetables, and was an entire half of a chicken (skin on), with the drumstick separated from the rest. It was very moist, and mixed with the rice it was delicious.

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