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Feb 3, 2002 06:00 PM

Beef Wellington

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I'm giving a 60s-theme dinner party soon to a celebrate a friend's 40th birthday, and I'd like to serve Beef Wellington--I know, I know, it's basically inedible, but if it's baked right from the fridge in a hot oven, it can squeak by as respectible with the proper accompaniments.

The problem is that I don't have time to make it myself. Does anyone know of a place in Manhattan where I can pick up a ready-to-bake Beef Wellington at a less than stratospheric price? I have already ruled out William Poll and Balducci's on price.

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  1. d
    david sprague

    unfortunately, i don't think you're going to find much 'give' in the price of a beef wellington; the only other source i can think of is Omaha Steaks, and they're also fairly pricey.

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      CatherineC in NYC

      I hope it's not too late for your party, but there was a Balducci's circular in yesterday's paper advertising a 12 ounce ready-to-cook Beef Wellington at $19.99 (a savings of $5 according to the circular). Havng never priced ready-to-cook Beef Wellingtons, I have no idea if that is an exorbitant price, but wanted to pass along the info.