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Apr 9, 2002 09:52 PM

weekend in SF review

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Dinner at Elizabeth Daniel was absolutely delightful, on par with Frnch Laundry. Inspired wine pairings, gracious service. There was a slight wait for a few of our later courses, as the restaurant was fuller, but definitely not unreasonable.

Nice clean flavors and presentation. Refreshing use of grains. Appropriate portions, relatively generous wine pours (or maybe I've just become a lightweight).

Beautiful food, recommended!

Also had good sushi at Tokyo Go-Go in the Mission.

Sampled pastries from Boulangerie Bay Bread & Patisserie Delonghe, both excellent. Walked by Citizen Cake quite by accident, peeked in but after shopping in Pac Heights was feeling a little too squishy around the middle for more pastry. Everything looked nice, though. Dessert menu looked interesting - it's rare to see vinegar in desserts.

So much to explore, I'll have to visit again soon.

Take care, all.

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  1. Thanks for reporting back, and I'm glad you had a good time here.