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Feb 1, 2002 02:14 PM

Hell's Kitchen pizza

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I've just moved to 48th and Ninth Ave and am trying to figure out where there's decent pizza. Can anyone please make suggestions? Much appreciated.

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  1. Far and away, Sacco Pizza - w. side of 9th betw. 54/55 (maybe a block shy N. or S.?). Thin, crisp slices -- old school Mom 'n' Pop place.

    Also, *run* to Azuri Cafe on 50 th betw. 9th and 10th (closer to 10th) for chicken schwarma, falafel plate, and any of the soups. Just ignore the cranky owner's severe lack of etiquette.

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    1. re: Jimmy Z.

      wow, thank you so much. looking forward to trying both.

      1. re: tamara
        Andrew Wilmar

        For thinner crust, try the pizza at Allegria on 44th, just off 9th Ave. Their dough is among the tastiest I've found, and they use a real brick oven, which usually lends the pizza a delicious smoky flavor. Their only drawback is that they are maddeningly inconsistent (I think where they place the pizza in the oven makes a big difference in how well it turns out). Still, when they're on, the pizza is phenomenal (I especially love the pepperoni, which turns out so crisp and tasty in their oven). And I suppose the occasional undercooked pie is simply the cost of doing business.

    2. j

      my friends live at 59th and 10th, and we order pizza from Fat Sal's. It's pretty good.

      1. You must take yourself over to Sacco's Pizza on 9th Avenue between 54th and 55th. It is on the west side of the street, a little whole in the wall. But wonderfully yummy thin crusted pizza with the right amount of sauce and cheese.


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        1. re: Cakes
          Mark Sinclair

          I must respectfully disagree with your opinion. On past occasions (and okay, I admit it, I went and tried a slice today to make sure), I've always been disappointed with Sacco's. The crust tends to be just a little doughy, and the slices undercooked.

          I wish I could give a recommendation for a better alternative in the neighborhood, but unfortunately, I have yet to find one, and I think I've tried them all.

          1. re: Mark Sinclair

            I don't know where you can get a thinner crust, so the doughy and undercooked comment is a surprise. I have been going there for over nine years and have never had a slice even remotely similar to your experiences.

            1. re: Cakes
              Mark Sinclair

              Maybe calling them doughy was a little harsh, but I've never found the slices at Sacco to be more than mediocre. It's slightly better than average, and probably the best slice in the neighborhood, but it's not the kind of place that seems to take pride in their work.

              Maybe it's better if you get a fresh slice right out of the oven, but every time I've been, they've popped a cold slice in to reheat, and always taken it out before it's warm, let alone hot.

              1. re: Mark Sinclair

                we went last week and ordered a whole pie to go, so no question of just warming up a slice. it was half olives and sausage, half mushrooms and anchovies. It was ok, but not more than that I would say. A decent pizza but not in the league of DiFara or Patsy's (I'm spoiled, just moved from Brooklyn). and the olives were those tasteless canned California ones.

                the search continues.

        2. An old question, but a new answer: Hell's Kitchen Pizza @ 691 Tenth Ave (between 47 and 48). A neighborhood joint with delicious creative pies (house specialty: the Hell Fire-roasted sweet and hot peppers and sausage) and a cast of local characters almost as good as the pies. Seats 20, BYOB, Say 'sup? to Steve Grillo, and partner Russell Brunelli.

          1. I like Giovannis on 44th bet. 8th and 9th for thin crust pizza. It's a sit-down restaurant, not sure about take-out service.