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Jan 29, 2002 08:03 AM

Visiting SFer Chower needs help in 37th & Lex.area

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Any suggestions? I like to walk.

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  1. I like to walk too. Take a stroll down Lex to I Trulli at 122 East 27th St. between Lex and Park Ave. South.(481-7372).They specialize in the foods of the Apulian region. There is also a wine bar with food next door.Both are worth the walk.

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      i trulli is excellent. you didn't specify any preferences, so i'll throw something else out -- les halles is just a few minutes away at 29th & park ave south. the executive chef there, anthony bourdain, is a bit of a celeb these days with his best-sellers. it's a charming, old-world bistro with good, solid, dependable fare.

      you'll be in an excellent neighborhood for exploring, food-wise. just head south.

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          Audrey, it's a good idea to thank everyone all at once, en masse. We're a generous group, so if everyone who'd received good tips thanked every respondent, this site would turn into ""!

          Have a good trip, and please tell us how you made out (that's actually the best thanks you can give; up to date reports on places you try!)

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            Thanks to everyone for their advice. You'all gave me fortitude to go into Haami (sp.?) up the stairs. I was the only American there. The food was pre-prepared and reheated in a micro. but tasty. Price incredible. I got some rice pudding to go which tasted very different but excellent. Best thing was the brains.

    2. c
      Charles C. Smith

      I agree on both Les Halles and iTrulli-
      also head to Kalustyan's- Lexingtion between 28th and 29th- an amazing spice store focused on Indian spices, but they really have everything. Upstairs they have a great, cheap, middle eastern foods counter (with some Indian as well)- great lunch spot.
      Enjoy and report back!

      1. If you feel like walking the other way and don't want anything fancy, I recommend Menchanko-Tei on 45th Street just off Lexington. Very authentic Japanese noodle shop, and you can eat well for under $10.

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        1. I'd suggest Haandi, a Pakistani restaurant on the second floor, on Lex at 28th I believe (might be 29th) -- east side of the street. DELISH!

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          1. What's an "SFer"? A San Francisc-er?

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