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Visiting SFer Chower needs help in 37th & Lex.area

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Any suggestions? I like to walk.

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  1. I like to walk too. Take a stroll down Lex to I Trulli at 122 East 27th St. between Lex and Park Ave. South.(481-7372).They specialize in the foods of the Apulian region. There is also a wine bar with food next door.Both are worth the walk.

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      i trulli is excellent. you didn't specify any preferences, so i'll throw something else out -- les halles is just a few minutes away at 29th & park ave south. the executive chef there, anthony bourdain, is a bit of a celeb these days with his best-sellers. it's a charming, old-world bistro with good, solid, dependable fare.

      you'll be in an excellent neighborhood for exploring, food-wise. just head south.

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          Audrey, it's a good idea to thank everyone all at once, en masse. We're a generous group, so if everyone who'd received good tips thanked every respondent, this site would turn into "ThanksHound.com"!

          Have a good trip, and please tell us how you made out (that's actually the best thanks you can give; up to date reports on places you try!)

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            Thanks to everyone for their advice. You'all gave me fortitude to go into Haami (sp.?) up the stairs. I was the only American there. The food was pre-prepared and reheated in a micro. but tasty. Price incredible. I got some rice pudding to go which tasted very different but excellent. Best thing was the brains.

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      Charles C. Smith

      I agree on both Les Halles and iTrulli-
      also head to Kalustyan's- Lexingtion between 28th and 29th- an amazing spice store focused on Indian spices, but they really have everything. Upstairs they have a great, cheap, middle eastern foods counter (with some Indian as well)- great lunch spot.
      Enjoy and report back!

      1. If you feel like walking the other way and don't want anything fancy, I recommend Menchanko-Tei on 45th Street just off Lexington. Very authentic Japanese noodle shop, and you can eat well for under $10.

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        1. I'd suggest Haandi, a Pakistani restaurant on the second floor, on Lex at 28th I believe (might be 29th) -- east side of the street. DELISH!

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          1. What's an "SFer"? A San Francisc-er?

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            1. I live nearby so a long list:
              Try Trio for euro/American style food on 33rd between Lex and 3rd (a little expensive, but very tasty -- think expense account). The japanese noodle place on 45th recommended above is good and cheap. For Indian go to Pengal between lex and 28th which is fantastic (Kosher and vegetarian). For Chinese I recommend Evergreen Shanghai on 38th St. (bet. 5th & Madison Aves.) for fairly authentic and relatively upscale shanghaiese (there eel is great) but some prefer Wu Liang Ye on Lexington Ave. (bet. 39th & 40th Sts.) which has Sichuan food that I find average at best (but many like). For Japanese I prefer Ohta on Lex between 30th and 31st. There is also a really good Turkish restaurant, the Turkish Kitchen.

              1. I still have yet to try the place, but with so many positive reviewers on these boards, I'm suprised no one has mentioned Artisanal (on 32nd/Park) yet. Seems like a great place to go especially during winter, and within a 10 minute walk from 37th/lex. Use the search function for Artisanal, and read on. Cheers.