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Jan 22, 2002 12:52 PM

Harlem? Does anyone eat uptown?

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I wrote in last week for advice about food in the vicinity of 120th St and Frederick Douglass Blvd... and still no response. Maybe this shows the true demographics of Chowhound? I hope not. Please let me know if you have any advice for eating in any area of Harlem.

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  1. Try Bayou on lenox ave/125th St for good cajun, Dalia's on 109st/amsterdam for tapas, and the original Patsy's Pizza on 118/1st Ave for a great slice of pie.

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    1. re: Minda

      I'm a big fan of Amy Ruth's on 116th just west of Lenox. Great soul food, should warm the heart of any southerner. (Though I'm not sure there's a healthy thing on the menu. When you get chicken and waffles, do you pour the syrup on the chicken, or just the waffle???)

      I was pretty underwhelmed by Bayou, but I haven't beent there in a year.

      1. re: higgins

        I like Amy Ruth's on W116th Street - great southern style country cooking and pleasant service in a nicely decorated (casual) room.

        I've had brunch at Bayou and thought it was very good.

        I didn't particularly like Sylvia's - except for some pretty terrific cornbread.

      2. re: Minda

        Update...Bayou has closed. Instead go around the corner to MoBay on 125th Street.

        Uptown Flavor

      3. If you're a fan of Caribbean food, try A & R Roti Shop on FD, near 126th. I agree with your suspicions about the demographics of Chowhound. I post frequently on the "Outer Borough" message board and find most of the posts to be concentrated in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Whenever I post about restaurants in Flatbush, Crown Heights, Richmond Hill, etc. I get very little response. By the way, I must confess that I have never eaten at A&R, as I do 99% of my dining in Brooklyn(I saw it recommended on a website). So if you try it, please post feedback.

        1. Don't forget about good desserts.Sweet potato cheese cake at Make my cake(not sure the name),110th st & Lenox and 139(138?)th st & A.C.Powell blvd,reviewed by Times years ago.I think 110th store is better.Once in a while they make pretty good doughnut.Try early in the morning,when the doughnut is hot!

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          1. re: Aki

            The Make My Cake at 110th and Lennox no longer exists, alas. A multi-million dollar condo with park views is being built in its place. Said condo is also taking the place of a corner grocery store that used to have a mural on it saying, "Forever Harlem."

            1. re: Tristram

              there's a sign up on the corner of st nicholas and 116th (i think) saying that there's a new location slated to open there. from the outside, it doesn't look like it's happening too soon. i've only had the red velvet cake (very good stuff) but sweet potato cheese cake sounds amazing.

          2. while it is a bit north of where you mention, you can not go wrong with charles souther kitchen on 151 and fred doug.

            they have a $9.95 all you can eat packed with their famous fried chicken (even if it is slightly better from the take-away window) collards, ribs, sweet potatoes, cornbread and delish (if a bit odd) banana cream pie.

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              The trick with the all you can eat fried chix at Charles Southern Kitchen is to wait until they are low or out of a particular section (eg white meat, leg etc) and then ask the waitress if there is more coming soon. When they bring in a fresh batch from next door attack it and you will not be disappointed. They are so nice and the food is soooo good - check out their southern style potato salad, country ribs, collard greens, and lots of other goodies GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!!!

            2. 116th between 2nd and 3rd - try the little taqueria on the south side of the street with the cauldrons of meat in the window and the jukebox in the back.

              Just south of 145th st on St Nicks (east side of the street) try the famous fish fry place...take out only.

              Copelands on 145th (near B'way) has a good cafeteria side for reasonable quick eats.

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              1. re: Mark M
                Thomas E Gorman

                I will vouch for that little Taqueria. It's called TacoMix, but the awning seems to only say "Hecho en Mexico." It's an outstanding taco, especially the beef (from the cauldron) or the carne asada. Best mexican i've had in NYC by far (born and raised in SF).


                1. re: Thomas E Gorman

                  Hear hear for TacoMix -- extraordinary flavor, very juicy, great piled with toppings. I lived in Harlem for about a year and that was the best food I found -- unless you're looking for fast food or pizza, of which there's plenty, of course. Soul food tends to be leaden. But my boyfriend (he's also from SF, and knows his Mexican) and I still make frequent pilgrimages to TacoMix.
                  P.S. I think the awning's gone now....