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Jan 21, 2002 05:25 PM

Tiger Blossom -- Bad food, Worse Service

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Today, around 3pm, my friend and I stopped in to Tiger Blossom restaurant for an afternoon snack of dim sum.

Tiger Blossom, for those of you who don’t know, is a newish pan-Asian restaurant on the corner of Bowery and 3rd. Their decor is stylish and cute, and the menu has always looked interesting, so we thought we’d try it for a bite.

The place was dead empty, save for us, and we ordered an assortment of dumplings, spring rolls, and sushi rolls (priced reasonably at $2-6 per little plate). The menu, which was their lunch menu, did not list any drinks or dessert, so my friend asked: "What drinks do you have?" The waiter answered: "Sake, beer, and wine." My friend said "I’ll have a coffee," and I added "I’ll have a cup of tea." The waiter took our order to the kitchen and soon brought us our food.

The food was less than remarkable. The spring rolls tasted freezer-burned, the veggie dumplings tasteless, and the lobster eel roll had only microscopic amounts of seafood, padded with a golf-ball sized amount of rice.

Well, when I got the check, I couldn’t believe it, but they had charged me $6.00 for my tea! My friend’s coffee was $2.25, so I assumed this was a mistake, so I called the waiter over, and asked him. He told me it was the correct price. When I asked him how tea could be $6, and he said, "because we only use the finest teas." This, when, I wasn’t even given a tea menu to choose from, like in most restaurants with fine tea selections. I hadn’t even been given a choice, and had so expected standard-issue chinese black tea or Liptons.

Anyhow, I told him I that he should have told me that tea there cost $6, if it wasn’t on the menu, and he simply shrugged, and left me with my bill. It was mid-day, and a holiday, else I would have spoken to a manager, so I was just left to pay my bill, and leave.

Anyhow, thought I’d share. There are certainly enough other pan-Asian restuarants in the city to visit (with better food) that people need not patronize this one.

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  1. sounds like an unpleasant experience we've all had at one place or another.

    i can't comment on tiger blossom, but i just wanted to say a word about veggie dumplings -- you were right when you mentioned tastelessness. 9 out of 10 veggie dumplings out there are frozen & tasteless.

    i'm dying to try the place on allen street people were talking about on this board earlier, but i'd also like to reccommend the "mandoo bar" on 32nd street off fifth avenue. i found all their varieties of dumplings to be excellent & i appreciate the fact that people are preparing them by hand in the window as you walk in. it's a korean dumpling, not chinese, so it's a little smaller & more delicately made to begin with.

    for a chinese veggie dumpling, i've always thought "chef ho" in hell's kitchen does a good job. (i think there's another one around soho on laguardia place as well.)

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      New Green Bo's Vegetable dumplings were some of the best I've had. highly recommended.

      1. re: doug

        I agree with you about Manadoo. The food is decent and authentic...absolutely no freezer burn.

        As for the dumpling place on Allen St. I heard from a friend and got the impression from people here that its noted for the good price on their dumplings, but that they aren't the best in the world...just good and good for the price. I haven't been there yet to give an eyewitness (mouthwitness account), but I'll report back when I do go.

      2. funny -- i called there to order up lunch today and the woman who answered the phone said that the chef was sick today and wouldn't be in til dinner. but the price for tea is probably the same whether the chef is sick or not (i didn't ask).