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Jan 21, 2002 04:50 PM

chock full o' nostalgia (the return of date-nut bread)

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For all those who remember the date-nut bread cream cheese sandwiches at the Chock full o'Nuts Cafe near Times Square or Herald Square....

On Sunday I walked past the site of a future Chock cafe on 37th street between 5th and 6th (closer to 5th), right across the street from the execrable Au Bon Pain.

The store front was pretty much empty, with no opening date announced yet.

According to the company's website, there are already a couple of cafes in New York and Brooklyn.


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  1. d
    david sprague


    the site promises the return of the nutted cheese!

    makes me wish I still had to commute into midtown....well, almost....

    1. m
      Michael Sidorak

      Growing up in New York, I was lead to believe that a "Chock Full o' Nuts" was the cream cheese sandwich. Now it has come to mean coffee. Some research tells of a William Black opening a store that sold nuts which he converted into a coffee and sandwich store during the depression. Was the name kept because of the success of the cream cheese sandwich? Was this sandwich invented to use up the inventory of the original nut store?

      1. l
        Laura Magner

        Nostalgia Question: Does anyone remember the wonderful crunchy donuts Chock Full O' Nuts used to serve? Does anyone know who makes/sells them? Where/How to get the recipe? Thanks.

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        1. re: Laura Magner

          Just read in the NY times, they are opening one at 23rd and 5th.

          1. re: Laura Magner

            Chock Full O Nuts Whole Wheat donuts dusted with powdered sugar.
            I remember the taste vividly. Where are they now????

            1. re: Motosport

              Er, well, this thread is mega old; but I went in today to the new Chock Full o Nuts on 23rd between 5th and 7th (very close to Eataly). Had some tasty breakfast, and a server that called me a myriad of loving names. I didn't have any whole wheat donuts or nut sandwiches, but I'll be back for sure.

              200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

          2. There's a Chock Full O'Nuts counter inside the entrance to the Gristede's supermarket on 86th St. bet. Broadway & West End. I think they serve the cream cheese/date nut bread sandwich there, but don't know if it's as good as the original.

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            1. re: rteplow

              Hi- I recently went to the new Chock Full o'Nuts. The donuts and the datenut sandwiches were great. I wrote about them with a few photos on my blog
              I love that the new location is right next to Eataly. After shopping at Eataly i stopped in for some donuts.

              Chock Full o'Nuts
              119 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

              200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

            2. "Back in the day" my mom would drag me shopping to A&S on Fulton St, Brooklyn. We'd have lunch @ Chock Full O' Nuts cafe on Fulton St. It was the Starbucks of it's day.

              I'd have a cream cheese on date and nut bread sammich and a whole wheat donut to finish off the meal. The whole wheat donut was outstandingly crunchy and tasty.

              As time went by the Chock Full O' Nuts cafes disappeared but they are back!!
              On Saturday I stopped at one of their cafes on W 23 rd just around the corner from Eataly and relived my youth with a Cream Cheese sammich and a whole wheat donut which were as good as I remember.
              Thanks for letting me share!!