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Apr 8, 2002 03:33 PM

Chillin' in SF's Sunset District

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what few tourists make it to the fog bound western
suburbs might like:

Mongkok Dim Sum & Restaurant
2438 Noriega St/31st Ave

not the best baked pork buns but decent(.70)also
plenty of those rice crepes-so tasty wrapped about
the foot long chinese do-nuts.english spoken:zero

Hungarian Naked Noodle Palace
2435 Noriega St/32nd Ave

"everything on the menu $3.49"
try the plum dumplings

Sam Maguire Irish Pub
2457 Noriega @32nd Ave

Obscure microbrews (Poppy Jasper & Mirror Pond) in
this hangout for the ancien regime. They drink hard
and play dirty here-not a spot to have "one too many"

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  1. That Hungarian Naked Noodle Palace sounds really interesting!! Do they serve Hungarian food? What is a plum dumpling?