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Jan 14, 2002 01:42 PM


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i was walking down park south and finally checked out the menu at aleutia, it looked fabulous, but i was wondering if the people who ve been there can tell me if its any good

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  1. Aleutia was one of the several restaurants that offered a prix fixe lunch and dinner for the period following 9/11. During the weeks that followed I went there several times and thought it was quite good. In fact certain things on their menu were truly wonderful. Their food is more interesting than most places like it. While very friendly, the service can tend to be unprofessional. The staff had little knowledge about the wine list. Additionally, I would suggest sitting upstairs, as it is much quieter. Downstairs is the bar area with a very pleasant dining area in the back. Upstairs is much more peaceful and more likely to be smoke free. Overall I would certainly recommend the restaurant, especially for the money. Even ordering a la carte, dinner never really becomes too costly. I hope this is helpful.