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Jan 14, 2002 12:27 PM

Fulton Fish Market

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Is the Fulton Fish Market open on Fulton? I heard in the Times that it had moved out to Brooklyn. I was curious if it was back in its original location with the same hours (1am to 7:30am). Thanks for any info...

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  1. Actually, the Fulton Fish Market is in the Bronx. Mayor Gulliani had wanted it out of Manhattan in the worst way, and it was forced to move to near the Bronx Terminal Market shortly after the Sept. 11th event. Now a new home for the fish market is being constructed in the Bronx, and it is unlikely that it will ever return to Fulton Street.

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      hmm. I was down there on Christmas Night and there were some guys getting ready to unload their trucks. If they've moved to the Bronx, why were the fish trucks there?

    2. For the time being the FF Market is still on South Street. They were moved directly after 9/11 but have returned. Since retruning to South St. the market has earlier hours. If you wanted to stop by I'm sure things would be in full swing by midnight or 1:00. There are plans for the market to be moved up to Hunts Point in the Bronx at some point in the near future.

      I work downtown and drive by each night around 9 PM. The place is just becoming jammed with trucks and fork lifts and crates full of beautiful sefood.