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Jan 13, 2002 09:50 PM

Lady Mendl's

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I have reservations for high tea at Lady Mendl's at Irving Place. It's apparently quite expensive, which is fine since it's a splurgy kind of event, but can anyone tell me if the food is really worth it?

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    Nina Wugmeister

    I've been to Lady Mendl's a few times, and I love it. But it's not about the food. Mind you, the food is fine, but it's high tea food - which is good but nothing to write Chow about. But it's a lovely experience - comfortable, cozy, elegant, good teas, old fashioned excellent service, quiet...I think it's worth the money, but that's really subjective, no?

    Speaking of tea...I went to Wild Lily yesterday, which I didn't like as much as Lady Mendl's. The food was uninteresting, the service was slow and unresponsive, and my little pot of tea emptied oh so quickly and when I asked for more I was told that I would be charged for more tea. The room is nice, though. We sat in the back in a little booth sort of thing and it felt very private. They don't take reservations on the weekends and it was a pretty long wait.

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      I went with a friend to Lady Mendl's for their special Victorian Thanksgiving (an Oxymoron) day dinner. It was a matched dinner with wine. It was expensive. It was worth every cent of it. The food was excellent, the ambiance fabulous, the service excellent. Go, pay whatever they charge, You will enjoy it, and return.

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        i dont think that you can really compare lady medl's to wild lily tea room. they are completely different places, food wise and atmosphere wise,
        i was at WLTR this summer and had delicious exotic tea sanwiches, great lycee icetea and this rich chestnut cake that was incredible

        i do like LM very much, they have the best scones there that i ve ever tried and their tea sanwichs are delicious, eventhough they are the typical sandwiches that are commonly served with tea

      2. It's a lovely experience, though it's a matter of opinion whether it's "worth it" or not for the $30+ per person charge. I was taken there by a Broadway producer and loved every minute of the experience, which was as much about the ambiance as the food (and, dare I say, those dashing young waiters).

        Karen Page