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Jan 11, 2002 10:18 AM

Lombardi's Clam Pie

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Is there a "good" or "bad" time of the year to eat the white clam pizza at Lombardi's? I saw Bobby Flay do a show from Pepe's in New Haven and I can't stop thinking about trying one. Are the clams at Lombardi's fresh? Thanks.

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    Nina Wugmeister

    I was born and raised in New Haven. Pepe's is good, but The Spot is better. On the same block.

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      Michele Cindy

      I don't know if the clams are fresh or not, but I didn't think is was so great. I only it it once at Lombardi's. The pizza was too wet from the clams and oil. I'd prefer it if it were crisp.

      1. re: Michele Cindy

        their clam pie blows....
        haD IT 3 times..twice medicocre, once inedible with super rubber clams...

        on a good day doesnt stack up to new haven

        1. re: fusilli

          I have not had the clam pie, but ordered a sausage and mushroom pie for delivery last month. It was nastier than Dominoes. A soggy (looked like it had rained on it) doughy flavorless mess. Threw it away.