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Jan 10, 2002 10:52 AM

Grand Hyatt 42nd

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Coming to NYC late March with my wife and daughter. Staying at the Grand Hyatt 42st. Looking for inexpensive restaurants (daughter does not eat meat)in the area, maybe Italian, Chinese, seafood, deli. Thanks Ed.

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  1. The Grand Hyatt adjoins Grand Central Terminal. On the lower level of Grand Central is a food court with many choices from Italian to deli to Mexican and more. They are all local places -- not a McD's in the place. I like the sandwiches from the Vietnamese place especially. There's a shared dining area, so your family can pick and choose as it pleases. Good option for lunch or early dinner.

    1. Even though the Grand Hyatt is in Midtown where most restaurants are quite expensive, there are many options that are not too pricey, and the variety of places assures that anyone can find something they like. As the prior post mentioned, there is a very nice food court in Grand Central Station with high quality and reasonable (by NYC standards) prices. But also, there is the Grand Central Market which offers breads, bagels, cooked seafood, produce, etc., which I think is a fantastic alternative to room service (which at the Hyatt is as expensive as most Midtown restaurants). You can just hop on the elevator and make a right turn just before the front lobby entrance and then go into a corridor that is between the hotel and the Station that leads you right into the Market without having to even go out on the street (esp in March when it may be quite chilly). Grand Central also has the famous Oyster Bar for very good, but not cheap, seafood (the variety of choices is astounding). If you want to go to a top notch, very formal, Chinese restaurant, there is Shun Lee Palace about a dozen blocks away (a very short cab ride or a nice walk) on 55th near Lexington. It is very expensive, BUT, they offer a $20 fixed price (three course) lunch menu that is a bargain considering the large portions served. There are also a lot of inexpensive Asian delis in the area (offering salads, vegetables, muffins, hot foods) that will please most vegetarians, too. As far as the hotel is concerned, my girlfriend and I make a couple of trips to NYC each year and she won't stay anywhere else but the Grand Hyatt. We're going back for her birthday in May. Hope you have a great time.

      1. If you find yourself needing lunch takeout during the week, i HIGHLY recommend Tony's Deli on 2nd Ave b/w 43rd and 44th Street.

        The sandwiches are good, but the TRUE find are the hot plates that they serve (with an Italian slant)... a take-out tin filled to the brim for about $5!! On Friday's they have fried calamari and fried shrimp too, for a little extra $$.

        1. I've heard good things about the pizza at Naples 45 just a couple of blocks away. Someone here mentioned the fact that they are significantly reduced to only $4.50 in the afternoon. Worth checking out.

          1. The Grand Hyatt is soooo close to one of my favorite restaurants in the city, a byow/b Chinese joint called Phoenix Garden on 40th between 2nd and 3rd (double check on that address--the restaurant is in Zagat). Great place with plenty of veggie options but shellfish eaters should not skip the salt and pepper shrimp. Fantastic! And, Grand Central food court does have a wealth of eating opportunities, from delicious cupcakes at Little Pie Company to pizza at Two Boots (some will argue w/this one, but I will stick by my fondness for their pizza) and oysters and beers in the saloon at the Oyster Bar. I also recommend sandwiches from the Vietnamese place there.