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Apr 7, 2002 07:45 PM

New Woey Loy Goey Restaurant, SF Chinatown

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This hole in the ground (not the wall - you go down a flight of stairs from the street), mostly Cantonese with some Szechuan, restaurant is pretty good. I figured I'd post on it, because it never hurts to have information on a restaurant on the board. I went there last night with fellow-Chowhound Cyrus Farivar and some other friends of ours, and we had an enjoyable meal. It wasn't amazing, but its high points were quite good. The five of us (although one wasn't eating much) had:

Egg rolls
Pan-fried quail (instead of braised, as the menu listed)
Chinese green (Chinese broccoli) with Chicken
Bean cake (tofu/bean curd) with roast pork
Pan-fried flounder (since they were out of sand dabs)

I didn't try the egg rolls or potstickers, but here are my impressions of the other dishes: The quail was very tasty, with a flavor very similar to duck, but without any fat at all on it. It didn't bear any evience of being fried, and actually I think that it may have been baked or broiled. But in any case, it was very good. The chicken was fine, but somewhat mundane. The tofu had a softy, silky texture, and the pork had a thick layer of fat, which I didn't mind. The dish wasn't astounding, but it was quite enjoyable. The flounder, though, was delicious. It was a whole fish, and the waiter removed the spine and butterflied it open for us, pointing out that the entire fish was edible, including the smaller bones and the head. I took that to heart and ate the head, which wasn't weird at all. The fish had green onions and some kind of thin soy-based sauce, and was lightly breaded and fried, and was the high point of the meal. The service was a little spotty, but enthusiastic and friendly, although they didn't give us chopsticks until we asked for them, and the table wasn't set when we were seated. The total was $52 without tip. Overall, it was a restaurant I'd go back to, which varied from perfectly acceptable to very good.

New Woey Loy Goey Restaurant
699 Jackson St.
San Francisco, 94133
(415) 399-0733
Open 11am-10pm

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    Melanie Wong

    Heehee, thanks for posting on this hole in the ground. Reviews for places like this with more than a hundred items on the menu are most helpful when the individual dishes are detailed as you have. The fried flounder sounds really good indeed. I hope you didn't leave the crispy fin and tail bones behind either!

    As you'll see from the post linked below, this restaurant was a favorite of my dad when he was a student at Cal nearly 70 years ago. I'm glad that it's still around and presents good value for today's generation of Cal chowhounds.