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Jan 8, 2002 07:30 PM


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anyone been to the olives in the W in Union Square?
please to let me know what I should be inclined to and not to order....

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  1. i have been to Olives twice now; once for brunch and then for lunch
    at brunch i had a pasta with sausage that was unimpressive; but my friend had these amazing (i think that they were butternut squash) waffles
    they had this incredible banana carmalized dessert

    then the other time at lunch again it was quite forgettable; thought the dessert some kind of chocolate soufflee was fabulous

    i ve heard that dinner there is supposed to be great; lots of fish and stuff; but wiht the two previous experiences; i d rather go to MILOS for fish

    1. I loved Olives! Great hustle bustle, fun room, lots of swank action, and, most importantly, terrific food. The grilled squid and octopus couldn't be more tender nor have a better char, the tuna tartare is a must (served on a bed of rock shrimp), and the pastas I had were divine - veal agnolotti and butternut squash tortelli. The mains were also wonderful -- everybody at my table scored big. We had a perfect grilled steak, an amazing roast pheasant, and a delicious pork loin (which may have been a special). And as pedestrian as it seem, I understand they make a mean roast chicken, too.

      1. A group of us wandered in for a late-night dessert a few months ago. It was crowded, and we had to wait a while before we found enough room for the five of us to plop down among the oversized couches in the lobby area. A nice place to people-watch, if you enjoy looking at young beautiful people. The waitress bringing us our vanilla souffles had at least one of her fingers partially submerged in the accompanying vanilla sauce...but somehow the festive atmosphere her friendliness, and how amazing the souffle otherwise looked hypnotized me into not minding at all. And the souffle was indeed a tremendous thing. Intensely vanilla-y. It arrived steaming hot, waitress tears open the top for you and drops a scoop of vanilla ice cream inside. A really fun and beautiful dessert, and a nice way to end the evening (especially after an extremely disappointing dinner at AZ).

        1. Been there three or four times, and going again tomorrow. Excellent food. Do not miss the fried Ipswich clams with fried bits of hot peppers as an appetizer. Or talk them into making it an entree portion. Fish is excellent. In general, I haven't had a bad dish there yet.