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Apr 7, 2002 06:51 PM

Osaka Sushi, Vallejo

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Based on the recommendations of Japanese colleagues, this is reputedly the best Japanese restaurant in the Napa-Vallejo corridor. I had a chance to stop here recently for a solo dinner. This is a big place with a DJ, dance floor and karaoke set-up and signs promoting salsa lessons. Since the name says “sushi”, I assumed that would be its strength and took a seat at the deserted bar.

On a Tuesday night, surprisingly most of the fish in the case had a desiccated, tired leftover-from-the-weekend look. The best looking seemed to be the maguro and shiro maguro that I ordered as nigiri sushi. Both were acceptable quality, cut in fairly large pieces (more than two bites), but the rice was overly moist and sticky. Hmm, maybe I’ll try the grilled hamachi collar instead. While I was waiting for that dish, I ordered the poke salad roll from the long list of special rolls posted over the bar. This was decent, filled with a dice of maguro red tuna and green onions dressed with a sesame-soy marinade, and accompanied by a side of seaweed salad. The hamachi kama was only fair, as it lacked freshness even for a cooked prep. But there is hope - the plates of tempura that passed by looked great - frilly and puffed up.

The tab was $21 with tax and tip. So at least this unremarkable meal was not expensive. I noticed that the manager’s children wandered in with bags from McDonald’s for their own dinners. (vbg)

You can read a glowing review of this place in the Contra Costa Times at

Osaka Sushi
480 Redwood St., #20


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  1. Is this associated with the Osaka Sushi on Fillmore and I think Sutter or Bush Street?

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    1. re: HKL

      I had the same question when I read Melanie's post.

      1. re: Hiko Ikeda
        Melanie Wong

        Yep, Osaka GRILL in SF is related. The place in Vallejo had a poster on the wall announcing the opening. However, when I drove by the SF restaurant last week, it looked like the windows were newspapered over. Is it open for business yet?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Osaka Sushi Valejo is affiliated with the now closed Osaka Sushi on Divisidaro and Bush. This place was in business for roughly two months before they went out. The places on Fillmore Street have nothing to do with this group.

          1. re: notmichaelbauer
            Melanie Wong

            Thanks for the clarification. Yes, the out of business place I saw was on Bush. I think the signage said Vallejo on it too. Odd that the location in Vallejo would still have the poster up last week.

          2. re: Melanie Wong

            The Osaka Sushi at Divisidero and Bush was open for a while, then closed. Today I walked by and found the following sign posted in several places:

            "United States Government Seizure:
            This property has been seized for non-payment of Internal Revenue taxes, due from
            FRAGAL, Inc. dba (doing business as) Osaka Sushi"