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Jan 7, 2002 08:21 AM

Brasserie Julien (UES)

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I was wondering if anyone has been to this restaurant lately. I am going there tonight and have never been.

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  1. i celebrated my birthday there last month and thought the food was really outstanding. i had the cod and chorizo dish, which may sound like a strange combination, but it worked really well. one of my companions had the cassoulet, which had the necessary depth and range of flavor often lacking in that dish. of the other two diners, one had steak frite and the other also had the cod. i highly recommend the bottomless pate appetizer. there was a duck salad appetizer special which was also very good. for desert we had a sublime pastry. i can't think of the french name for it, but i want to call it the bleeding heart. couer something or other. a chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside. i also can't remember the name of the chocolate used, but it's that really good stuff that you'll recognize when you see it on the menu. i was pleasantly surprised by what appeared to be dried cherries baked in, which added a nice element of flavor and tart sweetness.

    also a nice surprise was how friendly the service was.

    do report back on your dinner. i've been surprised that brasserie julien hasn't shown up on these boards.

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      I really appreciate your in-depth report. I am going for my boyfriend there for his birthday. He has been there before and liked it, but I have never been. I will definitely report back!