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Jan 6, 2002 12:02 AM

Cooking Classes for Kids

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Does anyone know a place in Manhattan (preferably lower) that offers cooking, baking, or even pizza making for children? My daughter would like to have a cooking party for her 5th birthday. Thanks.

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  1. My daughter went to a party this past summer at a place that had a make your own cake and make your own pizza party. It was great! The staff was helpful, the party went without a hitch and the cakes were hilarious. I think it was on 83rd street between Broadway and Amsterdam or Amsterdam and Columbus. Definitely south side of the street. Manhattan Treehouse?

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      The new JCC on 76th and Amsterdam, which just opened, is offering a wide array of kids cooking classes in their new culinary arts center. I just got the catalogue in the mail and they have some cool looking cooking and food classes for adults too. Their web-site is

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        Didn't the 92nd Street Y have some cooking classes for kids too? Maybe they're also worth a call.

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        I want to say you're talking about the kids' place that's in the same block as Crunch, on the same (south)side of the street, between Bwy and Amsterdam. Certainly in the low 80's.

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          antoinette bruno

          It's actually Pizzeria Uno that has the make your own pizza and sundae party in their private room. They are located right behind the Museum of Natural History on Columbus Ave. It is great fun and not too expensive...about $12 per child. I had my son's 4th birthday party there and all the kids loved it.

          I would recommend having some activity or entertainment while waiting for their pizza creations to bake!

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          Charles Isaacs

          I don't know if they specifically offer classes for kids, but I have a guess that they'd custom design one if not. Cooking by the Book 966-9799. They're in Tribeca on Worth Street. Suzen O'Rourke is the contact. You can even tell her that I mentioned her to you. Good Luck.

          Charles Isaacs

          1. You may even want to consider hiring a chef. It's not necessarily as expensive as you might imagine. Call the French Culinary Institute and they can refer you to one.

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              1. The Institute for Culinary Education has cooking classes for kids, you may want to look into that. They are on 23rd and 6th.