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Jan 4, 2002 05:00 PM


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I was wondering if anybody has dined at this Upper West Side establishment recently. I found some old posts, but nothing as of late. I'm a native upper west sider just visiting from San Diego for 2 days.Also if you know anything about "old style" chinese food, could you please see my post on the "whats my craving board"Thanks.

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    Thank you for reminding me! I ate at Ouest for the first time on 12/26 - and was actually thrilled. I've lived through the "good restaurant finally comes to the West Side" - only to be grossly disappointed - phenonemon so many times that I didn't rush to Ouest when it opens. But my dining companion and I agreed that Ouest really does fit the bill. Cocktails at the bar depressed me as the crowd was a caricature of everything I find irritating about my neighborhood. But the food was a delight - we had the gravlax/chickpea pancake appetizer as well as mussels w/ crunchy artichokes in a delicate cream sauce to start, both delicious. For entrees, I had the bacon-wrapped capon - competent if not revelatory although the barley accompaniment was delicious, and my friend had succulent melting short ribs...Unlike many restaurants, I had the sense that there were a lot of things I might want to try on future visits. Service was quick and friendly, the trademark circular black booths assure intimacy and coziness in a way that's rare anywhere in NYC - no less the Upper West Side - we really felt nestled away despite being in a large bustling room (don't know how they work with more than 2). I didn't pay the check but had the sense that it was too expensive for daily use, but a good nicer dinner - local (yeah!!)- option.

    My one question is why both capon and duck were listed under "Meat" on the menu, instead of under the also available heading of "Poultry and Game"? But that's no quibble with the food itself.

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      David Naimark

      Thanks very much for the reply. It sounds very promising. I'll try it on my next visit.

      I can really relate to the "finally a good UWS eatery" disappointment having been through it a million times when I lived there 10 years ago.

      All the best.