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Jan 3, 2002 10:04 AM

Brunch in Tribeca? Le Zinc???

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Hoping to have brunch in Tribeca on Saturday and the only place that I can think of that might be interesting is Le Zinc. Anybody have any other suggestions? Anybody been to brunch at Le Zinc and have recommendations?

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  1. Whatever you do, avoid Bubbys. Totally over-rated, over-priced, under-tended.
    Consider Odeon, on W. Broadway, for its superior food, warm service, and classic room.

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      I've been to Le Zinc a zillion times (it was near where I used to work), although I'm not sure if they have the same menu on weekends. Recs include: the duck wings (an app & a must), the terrines (if you're not too chilled from walking outside), the salmon burger, the seared tuna sandwich, &, if they happen to have it on special (I haven't seen it in a while), the fish & chips. I love Le Zinc--casual, decent wine list, and reasonably priced (albeit not cheap) comfort food.

      1. I haven't had their brunch, but I had dinner there last Friday and it was wonderful. We had the beef marrow, roasted beet and goat cheese salad, veal stew, hangar steak, and calf's liver to name a few, all excellent. The winter fruit crisp and maple creme caramel stood out as well.

        Beware that the menu on their website is a bit out of date, in case, like me, you like to get a head start on sifting through the menu so as not to bore your companions for half an hour while you try to decide.

        Another option is Yaffa's, on Greenwich and Harrison. I've been there for various meals and always loved the atmosphere. The food is very good (although not spectacular) and I've always had a lovely time there.

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          Nina Wugmeister

          I just wanted to give my opinion - I think the food at Yaffa's is just awful. I used to work near there and went a lot with colleagues - I was consistently disappointed with the food.

          There's an Indian restaurant on Greenwich St. near Duane or Reade called Salaam Bombay which is decent, as is the Italian place Gigino's, on the next block. Neither is spectacular, but much, much better than Yaffa's.

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            Isn't Yaffa way into the East Village anyway?

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              There are two Yaffa's - one on St. Mark's off of 1st Ave. and one in Tribeca. I think they used to be related but no longer are.

        2. Well, this might be a too Zagat-ish of a recommendation for this board, but I have really fond memories of brunch at the old Capsouto Freres - old-fashioned, delicious, not so cheap but the service and the ambience were lovely. I'm sure it's not original but it seemed very charming and pleasant to me, and the French toast was very good, although I can't give you a specific reason of why it's better than others.

          But then again, I never expect culinary excitement from brunch, nor do I demand it.

          451 Washington St. (corner of Watts St.), (212) 966-4900

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          1. re: Katerina
            Nina Wugmeister

            I forgot about Capsouto Freres - I really love it. The souffles are good, the service friendly and old fashioned, the room interesting and inviting. It's quiet and out of the way and it's formal without being stuffy. Not cheap, but I've had many wonderful business lunches there, so I'm assuming brunch is similar.

          2. m
            Ms. Kitty Fantastico

            Love Le Zinc. But if you're in the mood for a simpler, homier brunch--pancakes, cheesy omelettes, and strips of bacon--you might want to consider Kitchenette...

            And I agree that Bubbys is possibly the most overrated brunch in NYC.