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Dec 28, 2001 03:14 PM

Mexican Taco stand/grocery on Allen St

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Was randomly in the area on Allen right below Houston and spotted a tiny mexican grocery that advertised tacos among other hot foods in its windows. Tried the goat, chorizo (freshy ground from the link), and the carnitas. All were shockingly good... better and fresher that Castro's in Ft Greene IMHO. They make everything to order (which includes cooking the meat) so it takes a while, but I think it is quite the find. And when I say tiny, there were 3 of us in the shop and it was hard to move around. Has anyone else chanced upon this spot?

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  1. i usually just buy provisions there.

    if you like that little place, there is a really similar spot i found a few years ago on ave a and 13th. it's also a little bodega serving tacos. they usually do bigger stew cuts and "shread off" some for your taco.

    i will try tacos at the allen spot soon, thanks for the tip.

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      I will also try the place on 13th. The place on Allen only seems to have goat on the weekends, and in my best/worst spanish, I surmised that they were extremely proud of it. That whole area seems to be a hot bed of mexican flavor...will try tres aztecas down the street as well. Let me know how your tacos were.

      1. re: ablee

        Can't wait to try it. Finally had the taco's off the truck on 14th and 6th this weekend. The Chivo(Goat) was excellent, the Al Pastor passable but not great. Had a Cup of Hot Milk and Rice (Hortchata?) as well. which was addictive.

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          I have been wanting to try that truck as well...but in this weather, i will be content in sitting on the mini fridge at Don Panchito's ( the only customer seating there!)

          1. re: SLAP
            Caitlin McGrath

            Do you know when the truck is there? I've been keeping my eyes peeled but don't see it. Is it actually between 6 and 7? North or south side?

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              I was there last Saturday at around. 11am.(was heading to the Flea Market) It's on the South Side of the street between 6th and 7th. If it's there you won't miss it!

              mmmmm. Warm Milk and ricey drink. so good. I had the Pecan flavor one. try that for sure!

        2. re: johnnyfood

          also in the neighborhood, i'm starting to take a shine to el coyote cojo on 10th st. and ave a. i ran a search and found only two other posts here for this place, both recommending the enchiladas. you should also try the soft tacos - the fried pork bits version is the best. and i also like their huevos rancheros, which comes with rice done up to taste almost like hominy. also, they usually have drinks outside the standard new york goya & cuban selection. i hope to do a more complete write-up after getting through more of their very wide menu. a final note, about the dining environment: it's only counter space, and there's a stereo they like to turn up very loud - but they did turn it down on request (not my request - they play the best homemade mix cd's ever at this place - mostly mex but also some great usa rock compilations).

          can't resist adding that next week i have 7 days in corpus christi & the borderland, so let me be a real jerk and say to everyone suffering through the good mex drought in new york, sucks not to be me doesn't it! then again, to be reminded and have to return back home...

        3. Same nabe...only place to find tacos al pastor (pork in adobo with pine apple done on a vertical rotissereie) has been La Palapa...any others?

          1. Where was it on Allen? East side of the street? West side..?

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              its in the west side of the street and its called Don Panchitos...drove by there the other night because I never got the name of the place. Its above Rivington St. Enjoy.

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              Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page

              How funny that you should mention that place -- if it's the same place we're thinking of (on the west side of the street), it caught our eye yesterday when we were walking down Allen heading to check out Steven Shaw's favorite Chinese dumpling place (where they're 5 for $1, and ours were delicious and fried perfectly) at 99 Allen Street near Delancey, and we were wondering whether it was any good. We'll look forward to checking it out soon, and reporting back....

              Andrew & Karen


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              1. re: Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page

                And thanks for the dumpling tip...I am out the door to give it a try.

                1. re: ablee

                  also try the dumpling house right around the corner from fried dumpling. it's on eldridge street between broome and grand. slightly different dumplings, same price. also have a few more cheap menu items.

                  1. re: johnnyfood

                    IYO,Is one better than the other?

                2. re: Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page
                  anita cocktail

                  May i suggest that the "Dumpling House" on Eldridge at Broome is superior to the similar dumpling vendor on Allen.
                  The dough is far more delicate and the ginger and scallion flavors fresher.
                  Still just one american dollar for 5 units of delicious dumpling.
                  Perfect after a long day of hipsterism in the Lower East Side -- SoHo continuum.

                3. This place sounds cool. How do I get there by subway? it's not near the Houston st. stop on the 1, is it?

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                  1. re: DZ

                    No, the 1 would put you on the other side of town.

                    The F is your best bet - this place is halfway between the 2nd Avenue stop and the Delancey stop, take your pick.