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Apr 6, 2002 06:41 AM

Please remember to mention location!

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I'm no computer expert and probably don't take advantage of all the shortcuts available; furthermore, I don't always have time to log on, so I often fall behind, whizzing through posts and picking out those I want to read immediately, leaving others for a more leisurely perusal another time, and skippping those that don't pique my interest. And my computer takes its own sweet time, especially returning to the main listings.

Therefore, when I click on a post with a name-less reference, "Oh, I liked their fries too," or a location-less one, "I love the polenta at Mama Maria's," or those gracious but time-and-space using comments, "Thanks so much everyone for your help," that usually means I don't get to read as many informative ones as I'd hoped to, and, in the case of the no-name or no-town references, have to hunt around till I find the missing vital info.

I'm sure I've been guilty of similar lapses, but I wish everyone would try to remember that sometimes folks enter in the middle of the conversation. Or return to it days later. Adding "SF" or "Palo Alto" to the subject line would obviate the need to reiterate locales.

And I don't mean to sound cranky about folks being friendly and saying "thanks," or "I'll have to try that," but it does make it a much longer slog for those of us playing constant catch-up.

Thanks for letting me vent!

P.S. Where is da Flora anyway?

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  1. Da Flora is located in North Beach, at 701 Columbus, I believe that's just past Washington Sq. Park.

    Re: addresses -- as a suggestion to readers in general, I'd like to add that Chownews does include addresses, phone numbers and links to maps in a compact format without the "Thanks, I've got to try that" posts. And it's delivered to your mailbox weekly. That might make it a lot easier for those with slower connections and less time to keep up with the multitudes of posts here without missing anything vital.

    If the information here is valuable and worth keeping track of, I venture that it makes sense to keep this site going. One way to do that is with a subscription to Chownews.

    [Full disclosure: I volunteer as an associate editor for the SF edition of Chownews.]


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      Marc Wallace

      I agree about the importance of adding the location to the subject line. But then, subject lines are often not helpful in most message board or usenet things. The people who *do* use them correctly and helpfully keep the site working.

      And as to the fact that chownews includes addresses, I still think the poster should provide them whenever possible. (1) the poster has been there, and can at least give a general description ("near 17th and broadway", or even "I forget but it's near X"). (2) if it's a new restaurant, it may not be possible to locate the information online. And, of course, (3) it makes it easier for those who are compiling the chownews!