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Apr 5, 2002 03:22 PM

View Restaurants in Marin

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I'd like to wow a visitor from out-of-town who is visiting Marin County and am thinking of going to one of the restaurants with a view in Marin (e.g., Ondine, Valhalla, Scoma). I know they are expensive and the food won't be as good as going to spots in the City, or even as good as nonview restaurants in Marin, but hey, its the total experience I'm seeking with a non chowhound. Any recent recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. have you considered Guaymas in Tiburon?

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    1. re: susan blair

      I was going to suggest Guymas, too. The food's good and not as expensive, the view is great and walking around Tiburon before or after is fun.

      1. re: susan blair

        ...great view and some of the best *healthy* Mexican food in the Bay Area.

      2. With daylight saving upon us, you can get a great view with an early dinner at Alta Mira in Sausalito. Haven't had dinner there for a while (just Sunday brunch), but the view is spectacular. Food is good, too.

        1. Sam's in Tiburon. Good food, great views and reasonably priced. Better seafood than Scoma's by a mile.

          1. The Caprice, just down the road from Guaymas, sits out over the water and is marvelously romantic. I haven't been there in a while, but it's always served pricy continental food. It's the view you go there for. Watching the sunset turn San Francisco red, and then seeing the city lights go on is magical.