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Dec 7, 2001 07:32 AM

11 Mad Park or Tribeca Grill or Bolo

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Can go to either of these restaurants to celebrate a friends birthday. Where would you go/ Have you eaten there recently & what did you think?

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  1. The only restaurant I've been to of the three is 11 Mad and that was during the most recent restaurant week. I had been there previously for lunch and enjoyed the food very much. The space is very cool, but the tables were a little too close together for my taste. So, not my first choice for a place for quiet conversation... But I would recommend it otherwise. I've been meaning to get to Tribeca Grill for a while now, but more so in the last 3 months. Between the two, I would probably suggest Tribeca Grill, given its location.

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      Recommend against Bolo. Yes, it's festive--so it has that going for it (although it's a really loud kind of festive)--but I've now been there twice, and found the food underwhelming both times. I get the rather decided sense that noone is in charge there.

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        go to TRibeca grill, not only is it a nice place, but the people there are very nice, and deserve some extra loving this year, your business can show them how thankufl you are for what they did during the aftermath of 9/11. there was a great write up in the ny times about a month and a half ago, of drew nieporent (myriad restaurant group's head guy) and his effort which coordinated some of the best chefs in the city. buisness in the neighborhood, as everyone has heard, has suffered....and besides, having eaten at all 3 places, 11mad is good but nothing major you'd be missing. maybe try bolo another time!!!!

      2. k
        kirk wallace

        deb-in-billyburg has bolo dead on; festive, but moer like the idea of eating in bar, and the food is simply uneven, and its the rare dish that hits a true high note;

        11mad is festive but not too zooey; service is generally good (sometimes truly smart and gentle); food ranges from very solid to genuinely good (this time of year, try the hanger steak or the onion ravioli.

        tribeca grill is the place i know least well; i go about once a year; nice people, solid food, but never anything particularly memorable; and yes they deserve kudos for drew's (and the rest of the team) efforts post-9/11.

        if you want the best experience qua dining, i say the clear best bet is 11 mad; if you want to mix in the support the WTC area restaurants, the maybe tribeca grill, but i bet if you dig a bit, you'd see that Danny Meyer also pitched in in the WTC relief efforts.

        1. 11 Mad, definiteley...haven't been to Bollo, so can't say. Was at Tribeca Grill about two years, the food was awful. Found it to be hyped-up TV Dinner fare--if it didn't have "star power" my feeling is it would be closed by now.