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Apr 4, 2002 06:40 PM

forming a bakers dozen group-anyone interested?

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the oven being my best friend and all i'd love to put together a bakers dozen group. after gordon mentioned it last week and put a link to the cookbook site i've been chomping at the bit to do something.

if you aren't familiar with the concept it's a group of people who have an interest in baking and the ingredients that you use to bake and who love experimentation who gather as a group to bake and compare notes. one time you might all use the same recipe and compare results and variables, another time you might all make your favorite recipe and find a treasure.

if you like to bake and are interested in joining this group which would meet probably every month or 6 weeks please email me at my address above. i'll be sure to answer every inquiry, but do want to keep the group to a manageable size.

be well,



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  1. Rochelle, where do you live and where do you imagine the group might meet?

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    1. re: Jill D

      I'm here in the city and have enough room to meet as long as the group doesn't get too large. ideally though the group would meet at different members homes so no one person was always responsible for entertaining.

      there's also a coffee shop here in cole valley that would probably let us meet in their patio area if we wanted to buy coffee drinks and take a chance on the weather.

      depending on who ends up being in the group and where we all hail from i see no problem with a little travel across the bay and back.

    2. k
      k. gerstenberger

      I'd like to hear more about this idea. I'm a personal chef with a savory training background. I've never worked a pastry/baking gig, but I find my results are always exciting. Picking up some more knowledge and refinement in this area is a goal of mine. This could be interesting. I live in the East Bay and work on the Pennisula.



      1. r
        Rochelle McCune

        I'm interested, but you know how busy I am. I could only come in between semesters.

        FYI - I'm thinking of having a "Dessert Frenzy" party for my birthday next month. I'd spend a couple of days baking, then have a dessert & champagne party. Why limit yourself to one b-day cake?