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Dec 1, 2001 10:07 PM


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Max is a very good low-to-the-ground, bare-bones Italian restaurant in Alphabet City. Portions are plentiful, hearty, and cheap, cheap, cheap! My porcini mushroom ravioli with radicchio and walnuts in a cream sauce was just about perfect as was my companion's pan-seared cod with mashed and salad. Now if they would only 86 the canned disco music!

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  1. We had been big proponents of Max, but after a September visit, we came away a little disappointed. Lasagna was good as usual, but otherwise, nothing spectacular. certainly not good enough for the lengthy wait (from someone who waited 45 minutes for the calimari at Frank on 2nd Ave.)
    Mind you, they mixed up our orders twice, so that may have something to do with our reduced enthusiasm.