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Dec 1, 2001 12:32 PM


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Has anyone been to Benihana or Haru in NYC? Are these places any good? Any good alternates to these two? I grew on Kyoto's in Winston/Salem, NC - anyone ever been there? Thanks and happy holidays!!

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  1. Benihana is less about eating then the ability of food to fly and fry, sort of Japanese cuisine meets Ringling Bros. If dining as extreme sport is your thing, then definately worth the trip. But if you are going to eat food, not watch it soar through the air, then Haru is perhaps a better bet. Like Tatany, I don't think the sushi is all that good at Haru. Its not bad, its just kind of standard, boring sushi that's not knock out fresh. For the latter try Sushi Yasuda or Sushisay (mo money though). Haru's better dishes in my somewhat limited experience (4 or 5 times) are the raw salmon appetizer with quail egg, and squid salad appetizer. Oh , and they have a seafood tempura (that even after the travel of takeout) is the best I have had in NYC. Killer. The wierder stuff on their menu is definately the better stuff. Yakitori and the usual stock Japanese dishes are all competent, but produce yawns from me.

    1. Haru in Midtown serves AMAZING - Crab Dumplings!