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Good Chow in Rockefeller Center Area?

Justin Burk Nov 28, 2001 01:56 PM

I recently relocated to Rockefeller Center and I've been trying different food carts/restaurants in the area to find a couple of reliable sources for lunch. I'm on the northeast side of the complex, so places in Times Square are probably a little far to go to pick up lunch (depending on how good the food is, of course). So far I like Wu Liang Ye on 48th between 5th & 6th, and I already knew about Hallo Berlin (54th & 5th) and Prime Burger (51st & 5th/6th). Bagelfeller on 48th also seems to have decent bagels (a notch better than the typical deli, anyways). Any other Hounds in the area have personal favorites?

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    Brian W Nov 28, 2001 08:51 PM

    There is a good food cart on the SW corner of 45 St. and 6 Ave. A nice Bengali couple sell chicken and rice or lamb and rice platters. Also chicken or lamb on pita which is far superior to any you can get from those grill carts around 50 Street.

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      B.L.B. Nov 28, 2001 04:24 PM

      Whenever, I'm in the Rockefeller Center area at lunchtime, I usually go to the 47th St. deli that's on the north side of 47th between 5th and Madison. There are two shops almost side by side. I go to the first one that's closer to 5th Avenue. They do take out there and pretty good sandwiches as well as hot meals for people on the go.
      There's also an Irish pub called Maggie's that's a lttle bit further down toward Madison on 47th. Nice atmosphere and there's a restaurant on the second floor.

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        Elaine(Snutteplutten) Nov 28, 2001 02:55 PM

        You've already discovered 2 of my top favorites - the Hallo Berlin guy and Wu Liang Ye. For sandwiches and salads, no one beats Mangia (48th between 5th and Mad.); Citarella is a drag - don't waste your time standing in line. For quick lunchtime sushi, I like Ten Kai on 56th between 5th and 6th; they have a little stand set up outside selling rolls or you can go inside for a more leisurely lunch. Grand Szechuan International delivers to the area as does El Papasito (on 52nd and Ninth); both are quite yummy delivery options. I've been getting my burgers delivered from Island Burger (who also do a neat variety of enormous grilled chicken sandwiches); is Prime Burger good? Also if you find any decent pizza I'd love to know about it (Two Boots Rock Center has varied from OK to gross when I've tried it).

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          TWong Nov 28, 2001 03:30 PM

          Down the street on from Ten Kai (toward 6th) on the south side of the street (almost by the Harley restaurant) is a little japanese noodle shop. Its right next to ISE which is also good for japanese bento boxes. SAPPORO on 48th between 6th and Broadway is pretty good too for noodles.

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            Dan Nov 28, 2001 04:45 PM

            Try Alfredo's - authentic Roman. Very nice. Ask for Robert, tell him Eric Lindros sent you!
            For previous puzzled pizza poster, look for Little Italy pizza. A little south of Rock Ctr., but worth the trip. Ciao!

          2. re: Elaine(Snutteplutten)
            Justin Burk Nov 29, 2001 11:14 PM

            Thanks for the suggestions - I'll have to look into the delivery options. I'm actually already familiar with Ten Kai (I generally don't trust sidewalk sushi, but I figure it's OK when it's connected to a real restaurant). I don't know about Two Boots, but if you're going up to 56th, there's an OK pizza place right next to Ten Kai called Tonino's or something like that; they have passable slices and they also have a variety of fancy little personal pizzas that I've never tried. There's also a branch of Little Italy Pizza on 45th, which should be good (I liked the one by the Woolworth Building) but I haven't tried that location.

            I'm not sure if Prime Burger does take-out, but it's worth going at least once to marvel at the completely retro decor - they must have done a massive redecoration in 1972 or something and never touched it again. Their burgers are good, but they're of the already halfway cooked and thrown on the grill again style. I mean, they're still tasty, but some people don't like that type of burger.

            I have to admit that when I'm feeling particularly gluttinous, I order the double cheeseburger topped with onion rings from Dallas BBQ. That's gotta be 12 or 14 oz of meat...

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