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Nov 28, 2001 10:03 AM

Holiday Party Below Canal

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My office wants to support a restaurant/bar near the diaster zone by having our holiday party there. I need some suggestions on which one. About 100 people,open bar, hors d'oeuvres.

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  1. Tribakery. Next to/part of Tribeca Grill.

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      Excellent suggestion! Layla is also available for private parties. Elizabeth, please call our Banquet department at 941-3905.

    2. City hall has a great room in the basement with a bar and plenty of room -- great atmosphere.

      1. I'd check out Bayard's, which is at One Hanover Square. Its a really gorgeous restaurant in a landmark building. I was there for dinner a few months back and was very impressed with the food & decor. I had noticed there were several rooms, and was told they do a lot of holiday/private parties.


        1. I work for the PR agency who represents Bayard's and it is a fabulous place for a holiday party. It's a few blocks from ground zero and after the attacks, even the pastry chef pitched in with the chef of the steak and seafood house below (Harry's, owned by the same family) to provide hot meals for the rescue workers in the area. The owners are very friendly, they have excellent food and many of the private rooms have very cozy fireplaces. It's a real jewel.


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            nik le bouquin

            Since I manage one of the restaurants downtown, I will not reveal which as this isn't a promotion site, I will recommend a few, and many of whom Iam good friends with

            LUSh - a hip, elegant bar downtown with excellent music and an ecclectic hors d'oeuvres list Ask for Ricky

            The 14 wall Street Restaurant - the former penthosue residence of JP Morgan with fantastic dowtown views
            ask for penny

            Bayards - elegant, historical ask for Harry the son who runs this place very well

            Vine - private party rooms locate din original bank vaults ask for Julie

            GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU WE NEED SUPPORT because we all have talented chefs and great staff!