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Nov 27, 2001 02:31 PM

dried fruit source in Manhattan?

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Does anybody know of a good, REASONABLY PRICED source for dried fruit (sold in bulk, probably) in Manhattan? I need to buy several pounds of different kinds for a baking project and would prefer not to dip into my savings to do so....Thanks!

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  1. Try:
    Kalustyans at 123 Lex. x 28th st. www.kalustyans. Or Kadouri & Sons at 51 Hester St. bet. Orchard & Ludlow.

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    1. re: Amy

      I, too, was going to suggest Kalustyan's, proving that great minds think alike. [big smile]

    2. Try Economy Candy, on Rivington St., right near Orchard and Essex sts. They have a large selection of dried fruit, nuts and chocolate, usually sold at close to wholesale prices.

      1. You should try Fairway at 74th (?) and Broadway for reasonably priced anything!!