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Nov 26, 2001 11:47 AM

Manganaros (9th Ave)

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A friend has invited me(and a few others) to have lunch at Manganaros on 9th ave tomorrow. I have heard about it. I hear it's a sandwich place. "Hero Boy" or something. What should I order? Is there a 'specialty of the house'? Thank you.

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  1. There are two. One is the old school Manganero's that is a deli and the other makes sandwiches and is very new.
    If your going to the older one try a Italian Meat combo sandwich or some of their pasta's.

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    1. re: SLAP

      The newer Manganaro's "Hero-Boy" has the best lasgna in Manhattan, maybe New York. The two places are owned by feuding Manganaro brothers who apparently haven't spoken in thirty or forty years, although they own adjacent buildings. Who knows if either or both are still alive?

      "Hero Boy" claims to have invented the term "hero sandwich".

      1. re: Mark DiBlasi

        I had no -idea- that that was the origin (the battling bros) of the adjacent Manganaro restaurants! I've been going to the "Hero Boy" on and off, for almost THIRTY years(!), and have found the meatballs and tomato sauce to be superb. Lately i've been also getting into the mushroom ravioli, with a couple meatballs on the side. You can get the mushroom ravioli with -mushroom- sauce (a couple bucks more expensive) or the tomato sauce. Always a winner, IMO.

    2. Here's a link about Hero Boy. The meatball sub is what I'd order! pat


      1. I'd stay away from the chicken and eggplant parm, personally. Neither is particularly well-seasoned in the breading dept. The aforementioned meatball, however, is very tasty and the sausage and peppers has always looked like the real deal, though I've not sampled it.

        1. I can't remember the exact name, but it's something like mountain high or something like that. You'll recognize it when you see it. If you wan't a cold sandwich, go for it. It's like: salami, capppacola, provolone, ham, pepppers, oil, vinegar, some other stuff as well I belive. Real good, Real filling.

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            My brother got two party-sized heros from Manganaro's for his kid's birthday party. IIRC they were each about three feet lon, one Italian cold cut and one American cold cut. Both were good -- better than I expected. I liked the Italian better. DiscoStu described it pretty well.

          2. Just wanted to mention all the fond memories I have of Manganaros. Growing up in the NY area, it was sort of a family tradition to buy a big sandwich..2 or 3 feet long of asssorted Italian cold cuts, cheeses, peppers, and whatever else could be put on a sandwich...and take it on a car trip...they would provide a cutting board and a sharp knife..and my bros, parents and I would carve it up in the car..Great stuff...glad they're still at it.

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              I second that memory of getting sandwiches from Manganaro's on drives out of town and stopping somewhere by the road in NJ or upstate NY to eat it. Good stuff, good memories.