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Nov 16, 2001 09:12 AM

Where would you take a London Chowhound?

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I've got a guest coming to town who is quite an established european/london hound. I have the daunting task of selecting a restaurant within Manhattan (or possibly a stop or two into the boroughs) for Sunday nite dinner.

Im looking for a cuisine or restaurant that would be difficult to find in the UK and prefer to eat
ethnic - although I could be persuaded to go in another direction. He is partial to more of a "hole in the wall" type place rather than upscale "new american."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ps. He is originally from the states so 2nd Ave Deli, Corner Bistro, etc. don't really work here - he's been.

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  1. i moved from manhattan to london about a year and a quarter ago, and what i really, really miss is

    phoenix gardens (chinese) on 40th street; charles (southern) on 151st, sakagura (japanese), dosa hutt in queens and molly's (for burgers).

    i can't believe how bad asian food is here, perhaps a superb chinese restaurant - new green bo? - is your best bet.

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    1. re: howler

      Thanks for the suggestions. Im regulars at all of those spots (except the Dosa place in Queens).

      Im really surprised that asian food is so terrible in London, I had heard otherwise.

      1. re: Mark M
        Simomn Majumdar

        remember who it is you're talking to. Howler's knowledge of asian food is one of the many things he has displayed his ignorance of the many times I have had the "pleasure" of watching him trough. We have to lay the table knife fork and sowester!!!

        He is just one of those people who wear their ignorance like a badge of pride:) A typical Mumbaian.

        Asian food is just fine here in God's own city


        1. re: Simomn Majumdar

          Maybe Howler has been busy "looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's for a big dish of beef chow mein." Someone should tip him off that the Chinese chefs are notorious for moving around...that song is over 20 years old. Hey, is Howler the Werewolf of London? :)

          1. re: Mark M

            watch me teach simon a thing or two on the international board .....