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Nov 13, 2001 08:19 AM

Thanksgiving at Lady Mendl's

  • k

I'm contemplating doing the Thanksgiving Feast (multi-course meal, Victorian parlour setting) at Lady Mendl's (56 Irving Place) this year. Does anyone know the place and/or the Thanksgiving here? Can anyone recommend it or something comparable (i.e., multi-course meal, elegant setting) for Thanksgiving?

Private replies appreciated - write to and mention either Chowhound or Lady Mendl's in the subject so I know it's not spam.


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  1. Hi, Kevin. Lady Mendl's is a lovely, quiet setting with great service, but I've only had the high tea, so I can't comment on the Thanksgiving menu. But as we say around here, email feeds one chowhound, but posting feeds the pack. I encourage everyone who has info about Lady Mendl's to reply here on the boards. Thanks!