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Nov 12, 2001 10:20 AM

Out of Towner looking for Sunday Dim Sum & Chinese Grocery

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I will be in NYC on Sunday and am looking for a good place for Dim Sum. As you can imagine we don't have much dim sum on Cape Cod-in fact, we don't have much Chinese food. Can you recommend a good place? Please include an address. Also I need a Chinese grocery store mainly for produce. Thanks.

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  1. Ping's at 22 Mott Street has good quality dim sum.

    Sweet-n-Tart at 20 Mott Street is another good place to go, yet most dim sum is a la carte. Go there if u r very familiar with dim sum.

    Jing Fong at 20 Elizabeth offers a good variety but quality might not be as good. The advantage is shorter wait since the restaurant is huge.

    As for produce shopping, walk down Mott Street, from Canal Street towards Grand Street. There are a number of vendors on both sides of the street.

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      Same story here as AGM: Need dim sum in NYC on Sunday. I also hear that Harmony Palace on Mott is a good one. Thanks for the advice...

    2. I know it's big and noisy, and it's probably the most popular dim sum place in Manhattan (which I guess tends to be a knock to many people), but Golden Unicorn on East Broadway just north of Chatham square gets my vote. You might have to wait however.

      Up and down both Mott and Mulberry is produce shopping, but my favorite Chinese supermarket is Kam Kuo on the South/West side of Mott street almost at the Bowery. There are plenty of others, but Kam Kuo is pretty amazing.

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        Even though there's a big supermarket that just opened up recently (on Elizabeth?)I tend to go to Kam Kuo for my grocery shopping, too, if only for the extra item they have there: Tea Eggs cooking in a large slower cooker by the left side of the store. Upstairs has all these dinnerware and stuff for browsing. It's never as crowded as Kam Man on Canal.