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Nov 9, 2001 12:46 PM

ChowHound Dinner Get Together

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Did anything ever come of the dinner get together?

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  1. Yeah, but I guess no-one ever posted about it.

    There were 6 people: Me, my friend Andrea, Deven, Maria, Teresa (I think her name was - Columbia student living in the East Village), and...damn, I forgot his name (sorry!)!

    A good time was had by all. The panchan, overall, wasn't quite as interesting as the last time I had gone to Kang Suh, but there was a spicy, uh, I think it was squid with onions and zucchini in a red sauce (can't remember exactly). I also liked the cucumber (?)that came with potent fresh horseradish. We ordered (1) Monkfish moo chim (my dish), which was delicious and hot peppery, though the fish was a bit tough; (2) excellent kalbi; (3) oyster pancakes (nice with some hot sauce); (4) bibimbop (good but somewhat dry); and (5) barbecued slices of pork (I forget the Korean name for them). Everyone seemed to agree that the monkfish was the real knockout. (I must have left out a dish, though.)

    1. Jake Pine was the other person there. That's me. Dinner was delicious, conversation was lively, I would have posted, but I have a terrible memory for dish names. It is too embarrassing to say "the thingy with the stuff in it" more than once in a review. But suffice it to say most everything was delicious.

      If anybody wants to organize another get-together, I'm game.

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        Sorry I forgot your name, Jake. It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you and your family are all in great shape and spirits.

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 are funny.You kinda remind me of myself.You should have posted your review,I would have read it. If you guys ever do it again on a friday or saturday night I can come down and join you all. I am up here in CT and have to get up at 6am so I couldn't come down and hangout late with you all. I don't know if I would have been up for Korean but maybe I would have given it a try.

          1. re: J. Pine

            Ditto - I'm coming to NYC from November 22 - December 5 or 6...and would love to meet some of the NY Hounds...but would also appreciate if someone else could organise, since I'm not there - and I'm pretty easy: so far, I'm free the evenings of Nov 25, 26, 27, Dec 2 and 3...and I love all kinds of food.

          2. I am free the week in between xmas and new years so I am game anytime that week. Let me know.

            1. I went to Dae Dong last week with a Korean friend of mine and it was fun having a native there who could explain the ins and outs of Korean food.

              If we ever do the Korean food bit again, I am sure she would enjoy joining in.