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Nov 8, 2001 04:42 PM

Le Colonial

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I was just wondering if anyone had been to this restaurant, Le Colonial, and if it is the same as Le Colonial in San fransisco. My parents went to the one in San Fran said it was very good and that they were openning one in NY. Has anyone been there? Is it worth going to? Expensive? What exact kind of food? I couldn't seem to get a straight awnser out of the folks other than that they had a great time there and that I should check out this one. Thanks Alot

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    I've been there for lunch. It's Vietnamese food -- not SUPER AUTHENTIC Vietnamese food, but not weird Pan-Asian fusion either. The spring rolls are served with lettuce and mint. The room is lovely, especially in hot weather, when you feel like you're living a Catherine Deneuve movie, and the bar is nice. It is expensive for this type of food, (you can, obviously, get cheaper downtown) but for a midtown restaurant I think it's good.

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      We went there for dinner and the food is mediocre and extremely EXPENSIVE for Vietnamese. I don't care if you are in midtown or downtown. The food does not justify the price at this place. We ordered the beef noodle soup and it was a third of the size what you get from any other Vietnamese places. Then the spring rolls and duck are below expectation. You can actually get a better meal at any other VN rest for a fraction of the cost. I have to say the decor of the place is really nice but still not worth the high price for Vietnamese food. You better off eating steak at Peter Luger for the price you pay here. I felt I got ripped off.

    2. it's a very classy restaurant, lots of businessmen after work, great food but small portions for the price. a new york staple that you don't hear much about. for a more festive atmosphere with similar food at better prices (and large portions), try 'indochine' on lafayette street, also a staple.

      1. This is the same restaurant as the one in San Francisco though the New York restaurant is the original and preceeded the SF restaurant by several years. I ate at the NY restaurant a few years ago and it was lovely. It has that colonial aspect which is an intriguing combination of elegant and exotic. The food is decent vietnamese.