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Nov 7, 2001 08:27 AM

Mama Mexico? Bway & 102nd

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Anybody have comments?

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  1. It's not bad. The food is more Mexican than Tex or Cal-Mex. Also a bit pricier than the usual burrito joint. It gets really, and I mean really, loud at night. And I usually like loud restaurants. Pretty good choice in that nabe though.

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      I like the food a lot. Just stay away from Tex-Mex stuff, and go for things you don't think of (or, at least, that I don't think of) as Mexican

      Marinated rack of lamb
      Carpa cochimiclo (which is NOT carp, but some other fish, I forget which)

      The guacamole is very good

      Go early, the music is loud, and it's now every night, except Monday. However, they recently expanded, and it isn't quite as deafening as it was.

    2. Yuck. MM is one of those restaurants that's designed for large groups, which is to say that they count on everyone being too distracted to take notice of the bad service and mediocre food. I wouldn't bother.

      1. Pretty good Mex (for NY anyway). But it does get loud and the service isn't great. I prefer Gabrielas on Amsterdam and 93rd.

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          The food is pretty good for the neighborhood, which is rather lacking... The made at your table guacamole is very yummy - since you can advise on the amount of lemon, cilantro, salt, etc. you want mashed with your avocado, it inevitably suits your tastes. Fajitas et. are fairly standard but not greasy tasting and the ingredients usually taste very fresh. It IS as everyone has commented quite loud at night, esp. on weekends when there are strolling costumed musicians... and there can be a long wait for a table as well. Gabriela's can be both worse and better - I've had some neat inspired specials at Gabriela's but top the more standard fare at Mama Mexico, but I've also had rancid tasting cheese, soggy sodden lumps posing as tamales, stale bread masquerading as the component parts of my tortas...