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  • MrClives Nov 5, 2001 06:04 PM
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Looking for a place (preferably in Manhattan or Queens) that sells freshly-made torrone (hope the spelling is correct)--almond or hazelnut nougat candy. The hard kind or the soft kind. Last summer, there was a man with a cart at Hester and Mulberry Sts. who had some that I really liked but when I came back on subsequent trips he was gone. Thanks.

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  1. the guy with the cart is "vinnys nuthouse" or somethin like thaqt. hes there often on weekends-somewhat irregular schedule.

    my brother likes his- ive never cared for it...

    generally, the best torrone comes from sardinia or piedmont....in sardinia, they often make it with honey only- no cane sugar...

    Derobertis- 1 av/11 st makes torrone towards xmas time....great, but not there often

    rocco's on bleecker makes their own....

    a big joint on 86th st in besnohurst used to maqke their own...

    sicilian style torrone is another thing entirely...