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Nov 5, 2001 01:42 PM

Eloping in NYC this Thanksgiving Need Fine Dining Suggestions

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My fiancé and I are eloping in NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are arriving late Tuesday night. We will need a late night casual place to grab drinks and snacks. Wed. we are going to try and see a show, so once again late night grub - this could be a little nicer. Is Mesa worth a visit or just overrated due to a celeb chef?

Thanksgiving night I was thinking Jean-Georges unless anyone can suggest elsewhere (I am open). I have never been, and it is on my list of eat-in-before-I-die restaurants.

We have 2 friends meeting us on Friday for the ceremony (central park) and then drinks (thinking Tavern on the Green) and finally dinner. For dinner, I was originally planning on Daniel's - also on my list. However, due to some reviews I have recently read, I now have some reservations (no pun intended). Considering the amount for 4 people, the love of my life and 2 of my closest friends, are there other, more memorable restaurants for our big day? Food is my primary concern, but atmosphere and service are pretty important for obvious reasons.

Saturday we are going to play by ear. Our friends will be with us and we will be looking to go more casual / affordable.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. first of all congratulations. In the middle of the muddle that is wedding planning right now and your story made me all longing to elope.

    just had a fabulous, romantic, birthday celebration at Picholine. Food was great. Let the kitchen run. We ordered mostly off the specials, fois gras canneloni, lobster w/vanilla. Wild mushroom and duch risotto and the daube. and the CHEESE. THe sommelier guided us to a great less expensive bottle of wine (don't be afraid to ask). Service and room both excellent. Everything elegant but low key. It took a minute to notice "happy birthday" written in very fine chocolate sauce on the plate of chocolates.

    Tip: don't bother ordering dessert, they bring a lovely plate of little pastries and a little box of chocolates. both superb, that way you get to try everything.

    I told them it was a bday dinner and they actually gave us a great table, ask for the corner round table, it was very romantic and cosy with a great view of the room.

    have loads of fun in NY!

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      Thanks. I had not though of Picholine.

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        Suzanne Fass

        And if Picholine is not serving on T-Day, Artisinal is, for $48 pp.

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        Let me first join in the choruses of congratulations!!
        I would definitely second Picholine, and would prefer it to Artisanal for a romantic and celebratory feeling.

        I have always had an excellent experience with the servers there - when they know it's a special occasion, they are incredibly gracious. Our engagement celebration was lovely, and we were given champagne on the house by Max, the Maitre Fromagier.

        All Best Wishes,

      3. Much as I love the food at Jean-Georges I wouldn't recommend it for a festive occasion. I find the atmosphere there awfully chilly - almost anti-festive. Poster above mentioned Craft - but what about Grammercy Tavern? I agree with the idea that you should have an American chef for T-Day. Another place you might think about is Veritas, which is sometimes unjustly ignored as just an amazing wine list with some food around. I don't think anyone is cooking better food in NYC.

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          When he metioned Craft, I also thought of Grammercy. I just emailed them for their Turkey day menu. I will check Veritas as well. Thanks.

        2. Here is a list of a few places open on Thanksgiving Day. I'm sure any fine place in a hotel would be open as well. I know all of the Danny Meyer places are always closed though.


          1. Let me join with everyone else and first say congratulations!

            Regarding your first question, I don't think Mesa Grill is worth the visit. The food is really hit or miss, and IMHO, your money would be better spent somewhere else.

            If you are looking for late night, after show dining, maybe DB Bistro Moderne? It's pretty casual but the food is great and you can get to try Daniel Boulud's cooking if you don't end up going to Daniel (which is a Thanksgiving suggestion, the special prix-fix menu can be at

            Jean Georges is the best restaurant in NYC for special occasions and while you may not be able to get a reservation in the main dining room on this short of notice, there is always the opportunity to walk into Nougatine and order off the regular menu. Danube would be another great choice. Beautiful room and while others on this board may disagree, I find the food to be as good as the Bakery.

            Have fun!


            1. For a to-die-for meal and romantic setting, I'd recommend Gramercy Tavern, which has the most delicious food, presented beautifully in a lovely setting. Service is sweet and professional, very pleasant. If you want a hip place in Soho that's more trendy and with equally wonderful food, my recommendation would be the Mercer Kitchen. It's not as comfortable as Gramercy, which may be an issue for you. Tables are smaller and it's got that downtown, hip feel.