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Nov 1, 2001 05:01 PM

Los Dos Rancheros

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i had dinner here last night. it was only ok. the last few times i've been here i've gotten mariscos, usually shrimp, which are really very good, in that way only mexican shrimp can be--their flavor stands out through bright, fresh sauces. but this time i decided to try the chicken pipian--due to a strange obsession i've had lately with pumpkin seeds. anyway, ordering it was a mistake. the sauce was thick, green and looked promising, but it had an off-putting flavor, which can only be compared to burned cilantro. no pumpkin seed thing going on at all. the chicken underneath (it was the kind of dish where the meat doesn't soak up any sauce at all so it has to stand on it's own merit) was boiled and tasteless, ie no fat, like a LA jewish grandmother's version. also somehow tough at the same time. the rice and beans were only ok--i ate them only out of necessity, because i couldn't deal with the chicken. even the horchata was watery. decided: this is a place to go back and order the same thing over and over, not a place to experiment.

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  1. unfortunate to hear, but not so surprising.

    had my first set of tacos there in a long while a few weeks back and was really disappointed. flavorless chicken, no more al pastor on the menu, tough bbq goat.

    worse though, i was especially with the salsa verde. usually a bright green fresh tasting version, this time dull and olive green. a few more bad reports and it should be nominated for a downhill alert

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      I had beef tacos there three weeks ago that were the worst I have ever had. Awful meat and dryed out tortilla.

      The tostado was a smear of tasteless refried beans and a little lettuce.

      1. re: CuriousGeorge

        so damm depressing.

        i'm off to LA to eat tacos, and such, for ten days.

        will report back with some west coast tales,and maybe compare them to some new places i have dug up to replace my fallen temple.

        we need a god-dammed pancho villa in this city.

        1. re: CuriousGeorge

          sad to hear about bad experiences at ldr - and also a little surprised, the best meal i've had there was about a week before these postings (i.e. around October 20th). they have a special fin de semana meal on saturday nights that features very authentic dishes. i had a great chuleta with adobe sauce, and a pozole soup was also good. also, great jukebox! i remember leaving that night and thinking about the comments made on this board about how all mexican places in manhattan seem to go downhill, and thinking how grateful i was that in this instance it wasn't true. does anyone have any further updates on ldr?