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Nov 1, 2001 04:45 PM

journalist seeking tips

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Hi, I don't like to use this board for work purposes, but I could really use your input on this assignment. For a collection of portraits of WTC heroes, Newsday is looking for someone in the food sector who really distinguished him/herself in the days following the attacks. I would rather this not be one of the big restaurateurs who has gotten so much press, but someone unsung who went beyond the call of duty in relative obscurity.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as is your discretion, i.e. not mentioning my interest to any "nominees" to avoid hurt feelings.

Thank you chowhounds!

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    1. a great friend of mine named Dan Kobin who has a small restaurant on Fifth Avenue and 28th St. called Dano—on Sept. 12 he took all his food (since he wasn't getting very many customers), made it all into hundreds of sandwiches and took them over to Bellevue (I think). They were incredibly grateful. And Dan could not be a nicer guy.

      1. For a non-restaurant angle, try Great Performances...a Soho-based catering company (one of the biggest in NYC) run by a working mom. Liz Neumark and her staff watched the towers collapse, then were back at work the next morning to feed rescue workers around the clock (they were among the first to donate large-scale hot food down to ground zero.) No one's done a story about their effort...but I think they are still feeding rescue workers.
        By the way, I'm also a journalist, and did a profile on Liz for Oxygen TV back in May. She's a pretty inspiring person...mother of four kids, very active in community, etc.
        The only press I've seen is an article from the Oct. 8 Journal of Commerce, which briefly mentioned their efforts in the context of a larger piece about the Seamen's Church Institute.
        Hope this helps!

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          Jerry Rothstein

          Check Luigi Celentano at Gigino's on Greenwich Street.

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            Erica Marcus

            Thanks so much for all the suggestions, hounds. I am on my way.