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I had this great cloudy unfiltered cold sake at Zazen restaurant last night, an I asked the waitress where it could be bought from a store. She didn't know and I don't remember the name of the brand, but does anyone know a store that might have a good collection on sake to serve cold? Maybe somewhere on the UWS? Thanks

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  1. Sounds like you had some kind of nigori-sake, which means it's unfiltered. There are many varieties of these sakes, but you can probably start at a better wine/liquor retailer, as I've seen some that are beginning to carry a larger selection of sakes. Otherwise, if you want a great selection, I've seen none better than at Mitsuwa in NJ, which is just about across the river from the upper west side.

    Link: http://www.sake-world.com/Types_of_Sa...

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      I was shopping in Mitsuwa a couple of weeks ago, and it did not seem in very good condition. Many of the shelves were close to empty, there were fewer varieties of fish, etc. I don't know whether this is a temporary situation or indicates that they are having the same sorts of difficulties Yaohan had.


    2. You might try Beacon Wine and Spirits on Broadway between 74th and 75th Street (opposite from Fairway's.) They have a huge selection of anything alchoholic, and you might recognize the brand name of the saki, if you see the bottle. They're pretty helpful, also, if you phone.

      1. I purchased a bottle of this at Union Square Wines & Spirits, though I don't remember the brand name.

        1. i attached a good sake website. one reminder, drink it up after you open a bottle, it doesn't keep well at all.

          Link: http://www.sake-world.com/

          1. Astor Wine & Spirits ( Astor Pl. and Lafayette) has the largest selection of sake in the city.

            1. Ambassador at 54th and 2nd has the best sake selection in the city.

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                Many thanks Rex for the tip of the year! Strolled over to Ambassador Wine & Spirits (54th & 2nd, 212.421-5078) during lunch and chatted with Leonard, a really nice guy who happens to have the best sake selection I've seen outside of Saka Gura and Decibel. Even better than Mitsuwa across the river, which is saying something. It's massive, with probably a hundred bottles to choose from -- all properly refrigerated in a walk-in storage unit. And Leonard KNOWS sake, in a way that makes itself clear in his excitement to show off his selections and the way his eyes light up at the mention of a particularly fragrant brand. He's a guy who travels to Japan for tastings at the breweries and gets occasional visits from John Gauntner.

                The big news for interested chowhounds is that Leonard's really excited because a large shipment arrives tomorrow and he'll finally have his fridge entirely full of sake. I'm just a sake newbie, but was thrilled to come away with a bottle of Ginyushizuku that Leonard says is even more fragrant than the Daiten Shiragiku that still has me drooling. Now if only my wallet can keep up with my sake education...