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Oct 30, 2001 10:06 AM

Sushi in Hell's Kitchen?

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We just moved from the LES to Hell's Kitchen (to that funny zebra-striped building on 42nd!) and am in need of a good local sushi spot.

We used to really love Yoshi down on E. Houston. Anyone know anything good between 9th & 10th and 40th and 50th streets?


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  1. I order lunch from there often.The cooked food is very good especially the chicken teriyaki but the sushi is average at best. I also work in Hell's Kitchen and love good sushi, In 5+ years here I haven't found a place that I would order sushi from. Let me know if you find a place.

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      I guess I'm not that surprised to hear you don't love the sushi at Yoshi -- it can certainly be inconsistent. When it's been good -- usually eating in restaurant, particularly on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays -- I find it to be very good. But on its off days, the cuts are sometimes sloppy or the fish stringy. They do have some interesting specials sometimes, such as sardines or monkfish liver or chopped horse mackerel that i rarely see at other places, at least in that price range. And i ,ove that Sowokerou (sp?) cloudy cold sake. Where do you like sushi downtown these days? I have a friend who raves about Takahachi, but we've not been.

    2. I've never been disappointed by Kodama on 45th and 8th. I grew up in Hell's Kitchen (my family still lives there)and have eaten there and ordered from there many, many times. Always been reliable and fresh.

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        Only went to Kodama bec I had an awful experience. Maybe it was an off night.