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Oct 29, 2001 10:24 PM

Eleven Madison Park $30.01 dinner - A Review (long)

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My girlfriend and I just tried the $30.01 dinner there last Saturday. The food was excellent. The atmosphere beats Gramercy Tavern, the other Danny Meyer's restaurant (but I am a younger crowd than those regulars at Gramercy Tavern). The service was also over the top, our glass never reached below half.

For the appetizers, we had the buttersquash nuts soups. This one was not my favorite really. But then, I don't really like sweet soups, but my girlfriend enjoyed it. But I still thought it was pretty good considering my liking.

For the main course, I had the veal and my gf had the mahi mahi. We both loved the food, although we lean more toward the veal. It was very tender and perfectly cooked. The sauce was also a winner here. The mahi mahi was slightly overcooked since they had recommended us 'Medium rare,' and thus, we had expected it to be slightly rare. Overall, still an excellent bargain. But yes, the veal overshadowed the mahi mahi.

For the desserts, my gf had the chocolate verhona cake with pistachio ice cream on the top. This one was okay, but nothing really spectacular. I had the pineapple coconut creeme brulee. I didn't this was going to be anything memorable (not a big fan of pineapple and coconut) but once I put it in my mouth, it was actually better than expected. Before I knew it, half of it was gone. The creeme brulee turned out to be much better than the cake.

Overall, I will definitely go back to this place. A truly remarkable restaurant by Danny Meyer.

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  1. I guess everyone's idea of a good meal is different but aside from the veal you didn't find much you loved there yet still deemed it:

    "A truly remarkable restaurant by Danny Meyer."

    I'm not trying to be a jerk but if I wasn't crazy about at least a couple of courses between my wife and I there would be no raving only regrets.

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    1. re: iron frank

      I concur. Also, I don't consider it good service for waitstaff to constantly fill everyone's wineglass. Wine prices being what they are, I think this is the host's job--the restaurant's incentive to empty that bottle is very high.

      1. re: lucia

        i was wondering whether it was the water glass or the wine (or both), for I too worry about the incentive for the waitstaff to empty the bottle quickly, something that some waiters at 11 madison and Tabla (unlike USC and grammercy) do do, (but are good about not doing it once you ask them not to).

        on the whole, however, I think youthful exuberance about food is great and we shouldn't quash this fellow's.

        1. re: kirk wallace

          Definately, I wasn't trying to quash anything. Certainly not exuberance. In fact it sounded like a great menu to me. I was just wondering what it takes for someone to decide that the meal is a success or failure.
          Didn't mean to come off as being testy.


          1. re: iron frank
            kirk wallace

            imho, i don't think that you came across that way at all; a fair question that you raised; i was merely trying to remember back to when I too was a "younger crowd than those regulars at Gramercy Tavern)" (tho hopefully never actually a crowd), and thinking that zest is a good thing, but I wasn't meaning to suggest that unexamined exuberance is great thing in and of itself.